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aminda1Hypno Restorative Yoga Practice – Chakra Balance/Release and Energize

Enjoy the luxury of true relaxation with yoga poses designed to support your body and release tensions easily. While your body is open and relaxed Aminda will lead you through hypnotic guided imagery designed to release blocks and past beliefs, thereby creating the space to allow abundance and ease into your daily life. The combination of physical and subconscious release brings about a sense of calm, clear mindedness and often allows for healing of both physical and emotional pain. Ending with a full guided yoga Nidra you plant the seeds of intention deep into the subconscious with a sankalpa so that the healing and change stays with you long after the class ends. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized in mind – body – spirit!!  This is a truly an all levels, all abilities practice as brand new or restricted students have access to the restorative postures and advanced students experience a profoundly deep meditative state.   The more of your own props you can bring (the whole class is on the floor in prop supported poses) the more comfortable you can get and the deeper you can go!

Creating a Powerful Sankalpa – Yoga Nidra Practice

This workshop is 1/2 Lecture 1/2 practice.  Participants will first be lead through the process of creating or refining their sankalpa for a deep yoga nidra practice. After everyone has a working sankalpa you will experience an extended Yoga Nidra practice.  Yoga Nidra literally means “yogic sleep” but more precisely it is a deep state of relaxation with a subtle touch of awareness that fully releases tensions and rejuvenates body, mind and spirit. Much like modern hypnosis your brainwaves drop into the alpha and theta state which is the state of creativity and expansiveness.  As you progressively enter deeper and subtler brain waves you become more relaxed, integrated, and present. Eventually, you completely shift out of identification with the body, mind and ego and you begin to naturally re-align with spirit, allowing you to effortlessly disengage from restrictive physical, mental and emotional patterning. Here, you are free to create a life that is an expression of higher consciousness, rather than acquired conditioning. By taking the time to create a powerful sankalpa (intention) your yoga Nidra practice takes on profound meaning and becomes a powerful agent for change that is both harmonious and beneficial to your ongoing journey.  After the session you will be rejuvenated, every half hour of the state of Nidra is like 4 hours of deep sleep.  This is the perfect class to attend during a long weekend of yoga to help you recover and be able to absorb more of the work you are doing. Ideally suited for ALL students, accessible to the complete novice, to those with limitations and yet still profound for the long time/advanced student.  Come prepare to lie in Savasana (corpse pose) for close to an hour…the more support you have the deeper you go!


Aminda is an E-RYT 200 Instructor, Certified in Anjali Restorative  Yoga, Vinyasa(power) and Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra, Therapeutic Yoga and Jivamukti training. (member of both YA and IAYT) She is also a Clinically Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Thai Yoga Masseuse, and Reiki Master with ongoing studies as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist  and in Para Yoga.  Aminda came to yoga to heal emotionally, and in that discovery of personal healing she was inspired to share its healing opportunities with others and to guide others to be the change they wish to see in the world.  Her philosophy revolves around the idea that we are all one, that by healing our own heart we heal those around us, by fully experiencing self love we can love others more deeply and she ardently believes that regardless of where we are at any moment our life’s purpose is to  discover and reveal our authentic being and reside in a place of tranquility and joyous discovery. She reminds us to lead with our heart and share our light with all beings everywhere.

When she isn’t teaching, training or hypnotizing people you can see her riding her motorcycle, shopping farmers markets, braving the streets of Dallas on her beach cruiser, being overly political on facebook, doting on her dashing husband Carl, and of course spoiling her dogs, Asimov and Huxley. She is dedicated to donating her time as a yoga teacher for various charities, to continuing her own education and with any luck changing the world as she goes! (She is most excited for her upcoming training with the Prison Yoga Project!)


Your mentor for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

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