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Sedona Yoga Festival - Julie ByrdJulie Byrd, ERYT-500, is co-founder and Yoga Studies Director of Balance Your Body Yoga. She has a B.S. in human biology, and worked for many years as a chiropractor. As a yoga anatomy expert and educator with decades of experience, she is the expert that many yoga instructors seek out to help resolve their injuries and muscle imbalances. She has worked with many athletes, including brahma bull riders, but her passion is teaching recuperative yoga to assist people on their healing path from injuries and chronic health issues. She has been the yoga expert for many years in the pain management program at the renowned Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston, TX. She is co-founder of the Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist and Expert Training Courses, to teach others how to assist breast cancer patients with their recovery. She is co-author of the upcoming book, Yoga Lesson Plans for Breast Cancer Recovery, which will be published in 2012.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Amy GarrattAmy Garratt, ERYT 500 is a dynamic yoga teacher trainer, nutrition consultant, speaker and an international yoga presenter. She is the Yoga Studies Director of Balance Your Body Yoga, co-founder of Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist and Expert Training Courses, co- host of BreatheCure Conference, and is on the board of directors of BreatheCure, a Houston based non-profit organization. She is co-author of the upcoming book, Yoga Lesson Plans for Breast Cancer Recovery, which will be published in 2012. Amy has been featured on local television, radio and print publications. As a yoga anatomy expert, she is a sought after instructor and educator whose clients include local celebrities, models, actors and actresses, healthcare professionals and business leaders. She believes in connecting deeply to the core, getting stronger and being centered and present.

Proposed Workshop Descriptions

Spinal Twists: Freedom for your Spine – Asana
A “feel good” exploration into Spinal Twists. While focusing on a lengthened spine, you will experience an intriguing variety of spinal rotations to stimulate circulation while cleansing and refreshing the body, mind and spirit. Liberating layers of muscle and soft tissue, you will reap physiological and structural benefits of spinal twists, and become aware of the centering benefits to your consciousness. All levels are welcome and optional variations will be offered. Increased challenge will be offered for advanced levels and recuperative techniques and therapeutics will be discussed.

Functional Anatomy:  Deconstructing Key Poses – Asana
Delve into the world of functional anatomy. Discover how our anatomy is built and its functional movement. Amy and Julieâ??s practical approach takes complicated concepts and breaks them down to their essential components. Understand how to indentify muscle imbalances and what we can do to resolve them. Apply your new learning to observe others as you deepen the understanding of your own practice. Take this opportunity to shift the paradigm from what a pose should look like to how it works and more importantly, how it can work optimally for people of all ability levels. Everyone is welcome.

Spinal Anatomy for Beginners: Lecture and Asanas
We’ll begin with an introduction to the language that describes anatomy, bio-mechanics and movements of the spine. Improve your anatomical know-how as you develop your understanding of the three main sections of the spine and the structure of the vertebrae themselves. Learn the most common injuries and how to prevent them in your yoga practice. Then we’ll translate what we’ve learned into the actions of yoga with a sustainable practice and 5 safety tips that will help you to maintain your fitness, prevent injuries, and take your practice to a new level of greater understanding.

A Downward Dog Makeover – Asana
The shoulder girdle is one of the most fascinating joint systems in the body. Learn the language that describes the anatomy, bio-mechanics and range of motion of the shoulder. Discover the cornerstone of shoulder flexibility and awaken your strength to bring your shoulders to physiological balance. You will benefit from learning a sustainable yoga practice that will help you enhance your own body, prevent injuries and improve your anatomical know-how.

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