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anaMommy and Baby Yoga Class: How to Teach Mamas and Integrate Babies and Children into Yoga

This yoga class will be aimed for yoga instructors who want to build a mothership community of yoga practitioners. Students will learn the Yamas (self-discipline/control) and Niyamas (observances) and how they are applied to the roles of a mother. Students will be asked to reflect upon mothership in the community and how yoga plays a role in building bonds between women and between babies/children. Students will be given helpful tips on how to start motherships by inviting and playing with children as part of a yoga class and yogic setting. Furthermore, a 10-week program of lesson plans for Mommy and Baby classes will be distributed, and other resources that are helpful in integrating children’s playful, natural behavior. Yoga instructors learning about how to welcome children into the yoga setting will also review postures that are kid-friendly, where children can join in and contribute. Props, such as parachutes, bubbles, song books, and toys, will be examined as useful yogic tools. Overall, this class is significant for any experienced or new yoga instructors who want to deepen their hearts and make a brighter community!
Class duration: One hour and a half


Ana Hansen started her spiritual journey as a young girl. Her mother and father were the first to expose her to devotional practices. Her mother is a devotee to Mother Mary and has been praying the rosary for over thirty-five years. She remembers going to rosary gatherings as a teenager at Estela Ruiz’s residence in the south side of Phoenix, Arizona. This is the same site where Our Blessed Mother was appearing to Estela in her living room. Her mother gave her a firm foundation in spiritual practices and devotion.

While attending the University of Rochester, she studied women studies, political science, and English. Her spirituality and her devotion to God anchored her as she developed her academic career. She particularly enjoyed studying about religious women and how they used their devotion to go about real change in the world. She studied about American women’s movement and other women’s grassroots work around the world. Ana’s honor thesis, “Fifteen” explored in a theatrical setting how young girls integrate their devotion and heal through hardships. For this play, she was awarded two prizes: The Pearl Sperling Evans Prize and The Deans Prize in Creative Writing; Drama Division. For her graduate work, she studied education and business.

In 2001, Ana began her formal studies in yoga and Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Her first yoga class was a video with Patricia Walden, given to her by her twin sister, Melissa. In the summer of 2003, she completed Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour level teacher training through 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. Here is where she met many of her gurus of yoga: Rama Jyoti Vernon, Shraddhasaggar (Ruth Hartung) , and Ambaya (Pilar Martin of Ambaya Gold). Shortly after receiving her 200 hour level training, she worked at 7 Centers Yoga Arts as a yoga instructor and an ayurvedic chef for the teacher training programs. She received darshan from Sri Karunamayi, an embodiment of divine motherly love. Also, she reveived darshan from Ammaji, the hugging saint of India. Ana Hansen continues to study them as examples of holy women. In 2005, Ana completed her Yoga Alliance 500 hour level teacher training program with the International Yoga College. This time she concentrated her studies on Conflict Resolution as taught by Rama Jyoti Vernon and Max Lafser. In 2006, she opened and operated Embody Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2007, Ana made a pilgrimage to India with her husband, where she focused on visiting many temples, ashrams and other sacred sites. The highlight of her trip was her experience in Rishikesh, India. Here she bathed in the Ganges and meditated. This experience redirected her life and had a profound impact on her. In January of 2008, Ana attended her first Vipassana 10 Day Retreat and learned the practice of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka. She feels like this practice is a gateway for her ultimate detoxification and the next journey of her teachings.

In March of 2009, her greatest guru was born; her son. Today, Ana teaches Mommy and Baby yoga at 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona and is in the midst of writing, “Mommy and Baby Yoga: Building a Mothership.” Her slow meditative style of yoga is relaxing and compassionate. Her students benefit from her advanced studies and integrated practices.



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