Brian Walter


 Brian P Walter 122311Inner Asana ~ the Yoga of Shadow Work

This workshop gives practical information about how we can clear our old wounding and triggering patterns and their underlying belief systems, and replace those with new ones that better serve us, using the divine flow of synchronicity in our lives as guidance, and our own awareness and love.

It’s simple, really…all ones needs is a sincere desire to grow.



Brian Walter lives in Sedona Arizona. 35 years on his path, Brian’s been a a union engineer, a deadhead, a Hare Krishna monk, and a corporate computer guy. For the last four years, since a personal awakening, Brian’s focus has been on the inner realms. Through breathwork, EFT, and yoga, shadow work…applied Jungian psychology…and a potpourri of other practices, Brian’s freed himself from much of the slavery of his conditioning, and has empowered himself to share that knowledge with others.

His ultimate conclusion  is inescapable…that we create our experience of through how we choose to feel about it, and there’s a simple, easy way to edit one’s ‘self’ to achieve a consistently happy experience of life.

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