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Sedona Yoga Festival - Catherine Foroughi

Catherine Foroughi is the Founder of CYoga and author of “This Is It: Enlightenment With CYoga” and “This Is It II: Enlightenment With CYoga”

Catherine is CYoga – the real Mc Koy with natural grace. Her presence totally transforms from the inside out. She has an immeasurable and powerful effect on so many of those who consider themselves teachers. Even those who have not worked directly with her are effected by those she has. She does not consider herself a teacher which shows her effortless understanding and experience of yoga. Catherine is a complete one off.

Her classes can be strong, dynamic and fluid working strength and flexibility with grace. CYoga can involve; Yoga Ásanas; Breathwork (pránáyáma); Pilates; Energy Work (Qigong); Martial Artistry; Thai Yoga Bodywork; Voice and Dance Work. This allows one all abilities. This is it. There are no boundaries.

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CYoga Workshop with Catherine Foroughi

An interactive and playful workshop hosted by one of the leading and most exciting yogi’s. Catie is the author of the Indispensable Yoga Guides – This Is It: Enlightenment With CYoga

The workshop is divided into three main topics.  Breath ~ Asana ~ Dance

  1. Sedona Yoga Festival - Catherine ForoughiThe three-part CYoga Breath. The breath of 1ove.
  2. Asanas and movement  Strength and flexibility are at the forefront –this part is playful and joyful involving asanas and martial artistry. Both beginners and advanced yogis and yoginis discover in this relaxed, new and challenging space.
  3. Chance to dance!  Let’s dance with CYoga and/ or Let’s Create dancing yoga! Spontaneous and Blissful.


A little more about Catie…

Interview extracts taken from Mind Body Spirit Online Magazine… thank you Wendy Stokes

Wendy: Please tell us something about yourself.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Catherine ForoughiCatherine: I am the Founder of CYoga and I am the ‘Principle of the University of CYoga’. I have created a ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with You/ I/ Yoga. CYoga is this Moment ‘in its Glory, its Unity and its Experience’. We have an Understanding That (all) Creation is Here. This is where my inhale is – This is where my exhale is – This is where my Presence is. This is where yoga/CYoga is!It is my Destiny from my ‘First Recollections’ is a ‘Place of Great Space’ and an ‘All Encompassing Vision’. This ‘Vision Creates Beauty, Love and Absolute Joy’. I ‘Delight in the Ability’ of Form. Words and Expressions have sprung from space, without limits. CYoga is an honest, direct and loving ‘Way of Rejoice’, a ‘Delight of Presence’ (and a Presence that allows all to spring from My Form with a result that can be seen as very funny and pure ‘Joy, Bliss, Love’.” CYoga is now one of the leading – and most exciting – yoga schools. It is ‘the University’ of CYoga.

Wendy: What is your speciality and what qualifications do you have?

Catherine: My speciality is the ha’ndstand and/or kicking ass in CYoga martial/capoeira art’/dance – with a smile! CYoga offers a variety of styles and demonstrates the essence of Yoga which is ‘Beyond Style’. CYoga can involve Yoga asanas, breath-work (known as pranayama) and meditation. CYoga also develops an amazing core strength and subtleness by using applied body work, Structural Integration, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, martial artistry – and both voice and dance. It allows one to be all abilities. This is it!

I am qualified as a Yoga Therapist and I am a qualified lawyer too! I use many bodywork styles – and most importantly – as the Creator of CYoga – I feel naturally self-guided in one-to-one sessions, group sessions, master classes, presentations, CYoga holidays, and in writing, filming and photography, and in the ‘Way That Is Beyond’ categorisations, such as Pilates, breath-work and Fascial Release Work…leading to an ‘All Encompassing Experience’ and ‘Vision Actualized’.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Catherine ForoughiWendy: How do students benefit?

Catherine: By experiencing: ‘Freedom, Love, Joy and Bliss’, ‘Exceptional and Holistic Strength and Flexibility’. CYoga allows ‘Natural Understanding’ to be ‘Transmitted from the ‘Teacher’ Session Host/Guide’, so that relaxation can ‘Manifest in all its Glory’.

Wendy: Would it be correct to say “I am It” and “You are It” and “We are It”. The Time is Right for It! Not just “This is It” but “This is Me and This is You and This is Us – doing It”.
Catherine: Why not?

Wendy: Where is your University based?
Catherine: Chelsea, London, UK and ‘Wherever the Heart Beat Originates’.

Wendy: What does Enlightenment With CYoga involve?
Catherine: Read my books …they explain many things (though CYoga can be expressed in infinite ways!) ‘This Is It II- Enlightenment with CYoga by Catherine Foroughi, published by O-Books.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Catherine ForoughiSedona Yoga Festival - Catherine Foroughi

Sedona Yoga Festival

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