Celeste Ross & Marc Titus


celesteMoving from Pose to Pose- Raising Your Awareness In Transition

Ever been injured moving into or out of a pose?  Has one of your students?  Wish you could feel more connected and in the Flow from pose to pose?  Become more skillful in moving yourself and your students through the transitions between poses.  In this Playshop, you will refine your awareness and take your practice/and teaching to a whole new level.  Notice how light and agile you feel as you explore several empowering poses via Awareness Through Movement™ (Feldenkrais® on the Floor) Lessons.  Join Celeste Ross, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher and Marc Titus, Yoga Instructor and feel the ease and power with which you FLOW from pose to pose.

A student of life and teacher of things explored, Celeste has been an integrative health practitioner and educator for over twenty years.  She has studied a wide variety of body, mind and spirit centered approaches to health and learning, including Feldenkrais, CranioSacral, Yoga, The Option Process®, The Artist’s Way, Developing Capable People, Montessori Education and more.  She presently lives in Sedona, Arizona and facilitates individuals and groups in self-awareness and empowerment, using the Passion Test, Feldenkrais, The Kolbe Index, Choose Your Food and Power Dialogues™.  Co-creator of the Embody Your Passion™ Playshops and owner of InsideOut Ventures, LLC, Celeste has a tremendous passion for life and delights in assisting others in “living well from the inside out”,  and finding and pursuing  their Passions.  Her motto is, “If you can ‘own it’ in your body, you can walk it in the World… as far as your Passion can reach.”