As a life-long dancer and performer, it is my belief that nothing can simultaneously
connect you to your body and the Divine like dance. Through this ancient practice, one
is able to surrender to the moment and find the “sweet spot” of uninhibited movement
infused with the healing vibration of music, that inspires the physical and emotional
expression of our greatest joys and deepest sorrows.
My background in psychology and my work as an intuitive healing arts practitioner has
been a catalyst to my own healing, so when I received the message that guided me to
combine my passion for dance with energy medicine, I was ready to answer the call.
“The chakra energy dance the other morning was very deep and
emotional and conjured up feelings of the freedom to be not only who
I want to be…but who I really am… I am looking forward to continuing
this series.” – S. Moncada
The Chakra Energy Dance practice that I created, also known as Sacred Circle Chakra
Energy Dance, is an exciting, holistic, whole-being dance experience that combines
energy healing with free-flowing movement to revitalize and realign the energy vortexes
of the body known in Sanskrit as Chakras. The Chakras or “Wheels of Light” are the
source of optimal health and well-being.
Ideally, the chakras are spinning, promoting positive energy flow within the body,
however through emotional traumas and physical illnesses, the chakras can slow their
pace or come to a complete standstill causing energetic blockages resulting in a loss of
physical vitality.
Chakra Energy Dance is an amplified, expressive movement therapy that combines
pulsating global beats and Eastern trance music with guided visualizations that hold a
safe, sacred space for individuals to take an inner journey through the chakra system.
Each dance represents various aspects of the chakras: color, rhythm, element, health
and psychology.
With quiet minds and grounded energy, the focus is turned inward to listen to the cues
of the body since it knows exactly what it needs to heal. Each movement combined
with intention, releases blockages, stress and tension while offering the subtle benefits
of cardio exercise. During the dance, breath work (pranayama) is emphasized to
cleanse the body as the heart rate increases and to bring the awareness from the head
(crown chakra) down to the lower chakras, creating a calming and centered state of
This class has proven to be affective in creating profound shifts in energy and
consciousness. Some of these amazing benefits include the following:
• Helps gain tremendous personal insight
• Reconnects and heals the inner child
• Grounds energy in the body
• Increases energy and stamina
• Builds community in a fun and supportive environment
• Stimulates imagination and creativity
• Releases stagnant energies
• Compliments yoga practices
If you’re a yogi interested in learning about the chakra system or looking to enhance
your knowledge in a way that goes beyond the norm…this class is for you. The
awareness of the chakras and the physical strength that is built during the class, will
give you a deeper connection to each asana and benefit your overall practice. Every
class is unique. Classes have a flexible structure and are presented intuitively based
on the energies of the participants. Dance experience is not required, there is no
technique involved. It’s a free-flowing, let it all loose dance!
Join us for Chakra Energy Dance: A SOULful, Whole-Being Healing Experience onstephanie colletti
Saturday, February 8th
Experience the energies of the chakras for yourself through this transformative,
meditative dance where bodies are flexible, minds are still and spirits are lifted.
3:30pm-5:30pm at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa Ballroom.
Stephanie Colletti is a Certified Empathic Reiki Master and Teacher, Yogi, Shamanic Practitioner, Writer, Public Speaker, Chakra Energy Dance Facilitator and Founder of Sacred Circle Healing & Dance. She has been on a healers journey all of her life, recognizing her intuitive, multi-sensory abilities at an early age. She began studying dance at the age of three and has performed under the direction of world renowned instructors. In 2012, Stephanie found her niche and true inspiration when she was led to combine Energy Medicine with expressive movement and dance creating a new generation of energy healing. Based in Atlanta, Stephanie offers in-person and “virtual” Energy Medicine sessions worldwide and facilitates Chakra Energy Dance classes and workshops throughout
the country. Learn more about Stephanie by visiting the Sacred Circle Healing & Dance website at and by following her on Facebook at Sacred Circle Healing &




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