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Union Through Inspiration

MIND-OF-GODEverything that we express and create originates from our state of being. Our birthright, our empowered state, is the state of inspiration. Our nature is to create, or from the perspective of Unity consciousness, to be instruments of creation. Original meanings of the word “yoga” are generally associated with “unity”, “joining” and the liberation of self. There is no greater liberation of self than to be inspired, to be breathing the breath of pure Spirit.

Chris’s workshop deals with accessing inspiration, the state of presence from which creativity and ultimately our true nature and purpose are sourced. In his workshop, Chris will offer exercises in movement, writing, meditation, and healing. Chris will also share insights on everything from the food chain to living and expressing pure Divinity. You will be offered opportunities to witness yourself from a non-judgmental perspective and glimpse into your unlimited creative potential.

Chris is an open creative channel and a mystic. He is a multiplatinum selling recording artist whose music has inspired countless millions globally for decades. He is also a writer, and exhibiting photographer, a performer and a facilitator of inspirational workshops. For more information on Chris, see:

Sedona Yoga Festival - Chris SpheerisLocal visionary Chris Spheeris kicks off the weekend Thursday evening at the Sedona Creative Life Center. Chris will open the portal with a celebration of Unity consciousness. Through spoken word, poetry, and improvised solo piano, Chris will describe and convey his own sense of Bhakti Yoga through the living state of sustained Presence. He will also offer workshops throughout the weekend. Chris is an internationally renowned, Emmy Award winning recording artist who now shares his inspired state of Being through workshops and spontaneous public appearances.

Images, musical and spiritual journeys, a celebration of life, and whatever else inspiration brings.I evoke people in a unique way in my workshops. I combine a sharing of insight, creative, physical and emotional exercises, with performances of my original inspirational spoken word meditations and poems- all geared to reinforce our endless expansive identity and state of presence. I have been a creative channel all of my life. I create every day and have not experienced creative blocks in as long as i can remember. I have also, somewhat recently, reached an unprecedented state of “humility, gratitude and amazement” that i had always longed for. This is what i want to share with you!!”  Chris Spheeris

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