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The Warrior and The Yogi

Who are we? Our family tells us, society tells us, laws and customs tell us. But what do we say? How do we get to that place of self-knowledge and conviction where we are able to state without doubt, fear or anger, ??This is who I am, this is what I believe, this is how I intend to live my life?â?

How do we find our true calling, our soul companions, our destiny? In this task, a powerful ally is the Warrior Ethos. Directed inward, it grounds us, fortifies us and focuses our resolve. When we find ourselves taking a closer look at the path of yoga, we see not only parallels to the warrior ethos but also that they are a reflection of each other.

Lifelong yogi and warrior Chris Courtney leads you on a journey to understand how to blend the codes of the warrior and the yogi into a powerful and fulfilling life practice, all while building a more peaceful and just world. (Discussion and asana)



Chris Courtney, first learned yoga from his mother at the age of seven. He offers classes which enable you to connect your breath, mind and body – and to the world around you. Chris completed his 200 and 500 hour training with Doug Swenson and his multi-faceted style of yoga; Sadhana Yoga Chi – a holistic style based on Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.

His goal as a yoga teacher is to get as many people as possible “off the couch and onto the mat” so they can begin their own journey of self-discovery. Thus, his approach is focused on making the authentic as safe and accessible as possible.

As a Sadhana Yoga Chi teacher, Chris aims to create a holistic balance between strength and softness; between the internal practice and the external results. These are addressed through the encouragement of body/mind awareness, mindful and compassionate living, and loving life every day. Wellness and integrity of daily living are what Chris most values on his journey as a teacher and life-long student. His influences also include Tias Little, David Swenson, and Desiree Rumbaugh.

He brings over two decades of group fitness and outdoor leadership experience into his teaching and while his classes vary, his signature style is an ashtanga-inspired vinyasa-based mix infused with humor and generous helpings of kick-your-asana power flow sequences.  His approach is non-dogmatic, weaving in wisdom and insight from many sources while supporting each student’s unique spiritual journey.

Chris is known for inviting students to learn more advanced asana in a safe and playful way, modifying and breaking them down to make them more accessible to a wider group of students.  He does this under the idea that “everything is optional – except breathing” so that students feel invited, not pressured, to try something on the edge of their abilities.

An avid climber, hiker and skier, Chris offers specialized yoga classes for climbers, skiers and chris eka pada krunners.  Chris is also an Iraq War veteran who offers free classes for his fellow vets.   Chris is grateful for his many teachers in life, especially his family, Doug Swenson, and his students.  His specialties include: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yin-Yasa, The Yoga and The Warrior, and Yoga For Injury Recovery.


Chris is a headline teacher at the 2012 Flagstaff Yoga Festival, the 2012 New Mexico Yoga Conference, the 2013 Sedona Yoga and Wellness Festival, and the 2013 Texas Yoga Conference.  He also teaches workshops in NM, AZ, CO, IN, TX and CA and last year he completed a multi-city yoga and music tour, the Rock-N-Flow Fusion Festival, to raise money for the Africa Yoga Fund.  In 2013, Chris is offering yoga workshops in Europe and a yoga retreat in the Austrian Alps.   He has appeared in or written for Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, LA Yoga, Flow Yoga Magazine, and Politico.


Chris is a former warrior, diplomat, and journalist whose formal education includes a M.S. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), and a B.A. from Ball State University.

You can follow him on Twitter at @ck_courtney



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