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Colleen Hermann & Lindsay Hammersmith


Sole to Soul

Come share space with Colleen and Lindsay as they share their most transformative practices to tap into YOUR truest self.  These practices (including meditative listening, asana, and self myofascial release techique)  will allow you to become still, find compassion and acceptance, and completely plug into your divine intuition.   If you are you looking for answers about your path, desiring a shift in consciousness, and are ready to feel GREAT about being yourself, spend some time with us.

We will focus on the following topics:
–Understanding and tapping into BEINGness
–uncovering ways to self treat through Myofascial Release– specific exercises that can be carried out anywhere!
–exercises to practice finding one’s dharma and following it
–practices that help evolve and shift patterns and blocks– including introducing The Elemental Cleanse by Pamela Quinn

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Colleen Herman, RYT As an international Makeup Artist and Hairstylist by trade, Colleen Herman has honed the incredible power of transformation.  While she is passionate about this work, she had a realization early in her career that aesthetic beauty is truly only skin deep. In so doing, she searched for other ways to transform on a deeper level and tap into a person’s core level beauty— the essence of LOVE. She has studied Yoga, Meditation, and other energy transformation techniques from Japan, China, Thailand, Mexico, New York, Sedona, San Francisco and many places in between. She recently moved back to the USA, and is so excited to share her knowledge.  She comes to the first Sedona Yoga Festival with an eagerness in leading others in their individual growth.

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As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release practitioner, Lindsay Hammersmith is passionate about the human body and understands that its needs require a holistic approach which goes well beyond the physical.  Chronic back pain began Lindsay’s journey on a path to study multiple forms of alternative medicine and subtle energy which lead her to find myofascial release as the most effective form of body work.  Lindsay was hand selected by the leading expert in the field of myofascial release John F. Barnes, PT to practice as Lead Physical Therapist at his world renowned clinic, Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona.



Sedona Yoga Festival