Denise Davidson


Sedona Yoga Festival - Denise Ablin DavidsonYoga for me is about the inner self; the soul. My wisdom and offerings come from my soul. Yoga is more than just the physical body. It is heart opening and spiritual and has taught me that everyone is a Divine light.

My teachings draw from the styles of Bhakti, vinyasa and tantra. How beautiful it is to be offered so many different styles so we can all find our own path. My approach to a practice is not based on performance or a workout or getting in a good sweat. It is based on experiencing all the levels of your being and connecting to our soul. I explore teachings from my heart, wisdom that I have learned and that has been handed down to me. My classes are full of dynamic asana, meditation, chanting, dancing and breathing together to heal ourselves and our planet.Sedona Yoga Festival - Denise Ablin Davidson

Space will be created for deep healing and transformation if you allow yourself to open the blockages. Guidance and love is right here with you. Be free and let go.

Soul Activation

We all attend the school of Planet Earth. We are a unique group of souls that have been united, and we are here to learn lessons. If we keep making the same mistakes over, we are brought back to class to learn the lesson over until we get it. This class will analyze all ways in which to activate our souls. We find all the ways in which to honor or bodies, minds, and hearts so we don’t keep repeating the same mistakes and patterns. What doesn’t work for us, will show up in some other form. Lets explore and open our life to all its possibilities. We will release blockages and deep openings in the energy body. The space we will be sharing will be very sacred. Be prepared to chant, move, breathe, dance and connect to the divine beauty that resides in all of us.

Embracing the Fear of Being Ourselves

Sedona Yoga Festival - Denise Ablin DavidsonAt first we must embrace fully in order to release. Fear can be one of the most harmful energy forces in our lives. If you ask yourself why you haven’t done something or why you haven’t said something; most likely your answer is Fear. Fear holds us back from harnessing our own Power. Yoga teaches us to deeply look inside ourselves and realize that we are the creators. Here is your chance to choose Faith; faith in Oneself. What is inside you that pushes you into that negative mode of thinking? Find compassion in this class and embrace your gifts and blessings and learn acceptance for what is. Learn to love yourself by exploring your body, and you will open doors to a whole new being.


Sedona Yoga Festival 

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