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mark laExperiential Core Cognitive Therapy: Hidden Depression

Mark Laursen MD is an author and a holistic medical doctor who has immersed himself in the world of natural medicine and spirituality in a practical and logical manner. He has four books that he has written, Start Living Stop Dying – 10 Steps to Natural Health, Original Fasting, The Inside Outside Diet and a new fourth book available online in four parts “Amazing Joy – Hidden Depression, which can be downloaded for free.


The Art of Being Human (BONUS TALK) Sunday Evening at the Hilton

The Art of Being Human dialogue conveys some of the essential elements of being alive. Starting with “How to Regain Your Power,” most people do not realize they can lose and drop their power throughout their lifetime. Places and people can be the repositories of your lost power. Getting your power back can be essential to returning your vitality to living, with full force of creation and manifestation to follow.

“How to Love” may be the biggest question to ask, or accomplishment one can obtain in their life, though there are many foundational attributes to being alive. “How to love” takes into account the many forms that love is offered. “How to Love” in a sexual relationship is the biggest concern for many people, of which there are many answers centered around a firm core.

“How to Choose or Make Decisions” is an area of life that people address, even when they don’t think they are choosing. Becoming aware of how to choose and knowing when one is making a decision can be totally empowering for one’s life.

Ready for an upward bump in life? Consider the unconsidered, and change your life for the better.


Dr. Laursen has given talks around the U. S. on several alternative medical topics including hidden depression, excess weight and depression, natural health, fasting – safely, and how to lose emotional, mental and physical weight.

In Dr. Laursen’s fourth book, he explains the potential conflict between one’s Nature and one’s identity, and discusses ways of bypassing the limiting identity to awaken one’s Nature, or full dharma when complete.

Therapy through the body, bypasses the identity until later, often provides the re-awakening, re-balancing stimulus to be living your completeness and re-allows happiness in one’s life. Improving physical integration, allowing both joy and understanding leads to the ultimate goal of “responsible consciousness” which is better for this world and for one’s life.

Come, listen, participate and Be.



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