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Kamala Easton


693-300x199Embodying the Goddess KALI

In India, reverence is given to the Divine Feminine or the Wisdom and Energy of Consciousness.  The Goddesses Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati represent archetypal powers – The power of the Divine Feminine, which lie dormant in us but need to be experienced, and brought into consciousness in our lives. We will honor the divine essences of these Goddesses. This workshop will focus on the energies of Kali who represents: transformation, death, destruction, change and our ability to release aspects of self which are false and/or no longer needed in our lives. Kali is located in the heart chakra.

The purpose of these workshops is to enable women, in particular (but not limited as it is the experience of the Divine Feminine which is in us all), to become empowered in their worlds. Affirming their identity as spiritual beings through practices deeply rooted in the tradition of the Indian Goddesses.
Part I of the workshop is a discussion of the goddess and what her meaning is in our lives today
Part II is Yoga opening up the particular area in the body where her vibration is held,
Part III Chanting the mantra’s of the Devi.


Kamala Easton, Ph.D. creator of Embodying the Goddess, Embodying Spirit: Journey towards Enlightenment and Divine Intervention for Weight Management Workshops is a spiritual teacher and a modern day mystic.   A life-changing awakening in 1998 transformed Kamala from her academic world, including a Ph.D. in education from UCLA and a B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley into the realization of her oneness with the Divine.   She lived and taught off and on in India over a 9 year period.  Dr. Easton practiced energy healing for many years, appearing on PBS, Discovery Channel and KCET Los Angeles, and was a member of UCLA Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine Pediatric Pain Program.  Kamala is also an acclaimed motivational speaker in both education and spirituality and is a certified yoga teacher.  She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM offering Teachings and Intuitive Readings online via Skype and phone.  Her first book –“Autobiography of a Yogini: A Black Woman’s Love Affair with her Guru” has just been released and is available at the yoga festival.

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