Katherine Francis



 A Journey into Stillness ~ Satyananda Yoga and Yoga Nidra  with Yoganidhi

The art of yoga is ultimately moving into a place of stillness, a place of peace, a patient and nourishing  peeling away of the layers of our superficial selves that we wear or hide behind.  Letting go of our emotional tensions, physical blocks and imbalances that cause strain and discomfort, frees up our mental attitudes becoming more spacious and clear. We come to our practice often unaware of the inner burdens  we carry and live with.Stillness is peace, peace is Freedom. Life is harder  if were not peaceful, but stillness first needs movement to allow peace.

Conscious stretch releases the energetic blockages that bind us, restoring our equilibrium, it soothes and ignites inspiration back into our world.

Yoga peels away the mask, the tension we build up, stored anger melts away, mental confusion and anxiety relaxes. There is respite.

But this requires peeling the onion of ourselves to find our inner essence of  relaxed calm and balanced wholeness. This class takes a spacious journey inwards, in order to taste our still point,  that place we often don’t feel exists but is our heeling point where we smile and want to linger awhile and touch again and again. Please bring a mat and a warm shawl for a healing deep relaxation at the end of this class .  We will start with movement to stretch the body, to massage and inspire the physical form, balance the immune system, the sun and moon energies of body and mind.We will then move into seated breathing, pranayama to bring harmony to the autonomic nervous system together with a short  Pratyahara Meditation to focus the mind;  finishing off with a 20 minute Yoga Nidra ~ the nectar of deep stillness.

I began my yogic journey and training in Hong Kong in 1995, initially delving into a year of daily intensives with a travelling Swami from the Bihar School of Yoga, India. He led me into the world of the classical Satyananda Yoga Lineage, also known as Bihar Yoga, It transformed the way I looked at the world and the way I approached my own responsibility to wellness and a healthy body and mind. This inspired me to deepen my enquiry and take further training at the Bihar School in 1997 for a year of Yogic Studies and Residential Ashram Life with Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjananda as my Teachers and Gurus.


Yoga became not only a disciplined practice but an inspired way of living. I came to appreciate and respect that yoga is so much more then simply body fitness but a mental and emotional attitude to life.

I completed a further 2 year Satyananda Teacher Training in Sydney at MangroveYogaAcademy and later trained and taught at Rocklyn Ashram in Melbourne, facilitating Living Consciously Retreats. I explored and was awed by how yoga cultivates, nourishes and heals the whole personality when approached holistically.

I have been a full time yoga teacher of Satyananda Yoga for the past 14 years in Hong Kong where I lived, running a community yoga centre, weekly classes, workshops and residential yogic lifestyle retreats.

Between 2009 and 2012 I worked as a specialized teacher with Pure Yoga, an international Yoga Studio.

I specialized in pre and post natal Birthlight trained yoga classes  and in the much needed and lesser known practices of Yoga Nidra ~ Deep Relaxation, Pratyahara  training, Meditation and Pranayama,

together with holding monthly much loved gatherings of Kirtan, devotional chanting.

I am also trained in Yin Yoga, studying with Sarah Powers, inspired by its soothing gifts of the Chinese Meridian healing modality thru yoga and recently in the practice of YinYang Dragon Dance flow with Simon Lowe from England; both very inspirational teachers with depth and holistic integrity.


I came to live in Sedona last year with my partner and have been enjoying my own practice in this stunning landscape and returning to the beginners mind once more in the art of Tennis and Pottery.



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