It’s hard to be a kid today.  Luckily, there is a magical place at Sedona Yoga Festival for kids yoga ages 6-13! Scheduled to coincide with adult classes there is so much fun to be had at this years SYF. Our kids yoga program will include, Acro yoga, yoga dance, music, art, and much more. Mats and materials provided. Bring: water and snacks. Package details will be available soon.

Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and be creative in how they reach even the most isolated child. Yoga can help children develop awareness, build concentration,manage stress through breathing & meditation, develop focus and learn healthy movement.

Sedona is an ideal family destination, and Kids Yoga, is designed to support families. SYF kids will enjoy an exciting line up of talented presenters like SYF returning Presenter Sitara Van Block.

Kids Yoga Schedule: 

Can drop off kids any time between Friday – Saturday 9.45 AAM – 4.15 PM

Can drop off kids any time between or Sunday 9.45 AM – 4.45 PM

Classes are 1 hour long, supervision will be constant during open hours.

We have release forms available on site for parents*                      

Friday 10th

Class times               Presenters/titles                            

10-11 AM                   Fun  Yoga  with Alan Alcid

11.15-12.15               Valerie Pike  Rainforest Adventure                                                        

12.30-1.30                  Aya Sheevaya “YOGA IS KID FUN!”

Rest and Relax

1.45-2.45                      Ana Hansen Yoga Together Class for Families with Babies                                                                  

3-4                                Ali Geter Yoga  dance and  kids kirtan                                                     

Saturday 11th

Class times                  Presenters/titles                         

10-11                           Valerie Pike Deep Blue Sea Yoga

11.15-12.15                 Laura Fuller Lotus Yoga

12.30-1.30                   Turasa Yoga  Game

Rest and Relax                            

1.45-2.45                     Ana Hansen  – The Indigo Child Yoga Circle

3-4                               Ali Geter – Partner poses, games, dance and sing                                                           

Sunday 12th

Class Times                  Presenters/titles

10-11                             Sitara Van Block  Giant Mandala painting and partner play                                                               

11.15-12.15                   Laura Fuller Earth Medicine                                                                                                                     

12.30-1.30                     Jill Adams – Playful intro to yoga, games and more                                                                                 

1.45-2.45                       Jill Adams – Sound healing,  stories, games and yoga

Rest and relax

2.45-4.45                       Kirsten Rubis                                                                                                                                                                                  Empowerment 4                                                                                 

Girls Day Camp           

2.45-4.45                       Mandala Painting                                                                       

Sitara Van Block – Kids Yoga Program Director

Sitara has taught yoga internationally for 26 years. She has 2 best selling Kid yoga DVD’s on Amazon, Kids World Yoga and Family Acro Yoga. 

She has developed kid yoga programs for schools and taught mommy and me yoga for 8 years. Sitara developed the kid yoga program at SYF in 2016 and looks forward to making it even better this year. Sitara is a Transpersonal Psychologist also and we are so honored to have her at SYF 2017.

“There is a special magical place at the SYF for Kids ages 6-13! Scheduled to coincide with adult classes, there is so much fun to be had:  Acro yoga, yoga dance, music, art, and much more. Mats and materials provided.  Bring: water and snacks. Meet us at the tent on the lawn at the collective.” – Sitara

Meet your Teachers! 

Jill Adams- Playful intro to yoga.  

Teaching children awareness, centered behavior, story telling through yogic/animal poses & lots of games!  Jill also introduces kids to sound healing by playing tibetan singing bowls, bamboo rainstick and a moyo drum.

Laura Fuller- Earth Medicine Yoga

Stones, crystals, essential oils, yoga and imagination are used to give an experience of how nature can help us come back to balance and feel at home in our body and the earth.

Lotus Yoga – The making of a beautiful lotus craft is woven into the asana. We will talk about the symbols of the lotus growing from the mud and land in the sweetness of spirit.


In this active hour of yoga fun, we will play with a variety of educational toys (wheels, juggling balls, blocks, dancing sticks…) and explore together animal yoga shapes & sounds, simple breath practices, group games, as well as some chanting… Bring your fun kid self!

Sitara Van Block

Giant Mandala painting and partner play Come and join in a big group mandala painting project and then explore fun partner and Acro Yoga like double headed dragon.

Valerie Pike- Rainforest Adventure Yoga with the YogaBerriesGuru 

Learn fun and interesting facts about the animals we do yoga poses to. Rainforest Lovers will enjoy the imaginative nature yoga poses. Breathing techniques and movements reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and bring a smile to your face. Great stretching for the family. Dads can be pretzels too!

Deep Blue Sea Yoga with the YogaBerriesGuru Valerie Pike

Ocean Lovers will enjoy the ocean themed yoga poses such as Dolphin pose, Boat Yoga Pose, Sea Otter, Plank, Shark Pose, Sea Turtle, Tilting Penguin Pose, Mermaid and partner yoga poses such as Double Boat and Whale Pose.

Join Certified Mini Yogis instructor Valerie Pike to play Yogi Games, participate in a Djembe Drum Circle and learn a guided beach relaxation and Sleeping Starfish guaranteed to help your child rest better. So come along on our Ocean Yoga Adventure and have fun with the YogaBerriesGuru! You can even imagine your yoga mat will turn into a surf board and be ready to spread the harmony wave by wave!

Kristen Rubis

Empowerment 4 Girls Day Camp educates, inspires and empowers girls, ages 9-16, to deepen their unique character, cultivate self confidence, develop core life skills and implement daily self-care through an innovative journey toward self-discovery and inner peace.

Mandala painting for boys Large mandala group project for boys, wear old clothes because of the paint.

Alan Alcid – Class Room Fun Yoga 

A traditional series system of hatha yoga, partner yoga and incorporates animal fun poses modified for children to enjoy.  The series helps develop physical balance, strength and flexibility, mental focus and concentration.

Ana Hansen – Yoga Together Class for Yoga Families with Babies

This class is specifically designed for mothers or fathers who have babies and toddlers younger than the age of three. This is an excellent opportunity for families to have fun together practicing yoga and playing yoga with the little ones!

Come and create memories as a family, and take your practice into your home!

The Indigo Child Yoga Circle

This class is specifically designed for children from the ages of 5 to 9 that have sensory issues. In this yoga class, children will sing, dance, do yoga, and paint!

Children will connect and learn about their bodies and have fun!

ALI GETER- Yoga  dance and Kids Kirtan

Sing, turn your body upside down with kids kirtan and yoga dance. Its time to have lots of fun. Ali blends a colorful mix of expressions to cultivate experience through community. Partner poses, games, dance and song.

Awareness games that use all the senses, an hour of fun with kirtan, dance and helping one another with partner yoga poses.


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