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Sedona Yoga Festival - Lauren RudickLauren has studied, taught and practiced yoga across 4 continents and over a dozen countries. She draws inspiration from the individuals she encounters on her adventures as well as the immense natural beauty that surrounds.

Lauren’s dynamic and upbeat classes are infused with humor, positivity and joy helping her students build confidence on and off the mat. Hailing from Montreal, Lauren has found a unique niche in the Canadian market, teaching “Yoga for Hockey Players” designed to help improve strength and flexibility in areas often problematic for athletes. 

When not teaching yoga, Lauren expresses her creative side through her jewelry line Avigna Adornments and contributes articles to online blogs such as MyYogaOnline and MindBodyGreen.  Otherwise she can be found, snowboarding, beachbuming, hiking or snuggling her dog Julius.

Lauren is certified with the international yoga alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500.


Yoga for Better Sex! 

Sedona Yoga Festival - Lauren RudickThis women-only workshop is geared toward female empowerment.  Beginning with a talk about yoga and sex, brahmacharya and bringing up the role of sexuality and yoga in our lives as women today.  Moving to the asana we start with a strong standing series to build confidence and strength within ourselves.  Finishing with restorative hip openers we release any excess baggage, negative emotions and find comfort and solace within ourselves.

Getting down with upside down!

All about inversions. In my enthusiastic and lighthearted approach I make inversions accessible to almost anyone. We laugh, we play learn proper alignment and then we fly. Facing fears head on, participants learn to let go of their apprehensions about being upside down. Inversions are broken down step-by-step in this workshop style class and then incorporated safely into a vinyasa flow sequence. The class finishes with shoulder stretches and calming forward bends, leaving individuals excited, elated but calm.


Sedona Yoga Festival

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