Naia Shalomar


naiaNaia is the Co-founder of Vertical Shift Healing (, a new healing modality for the new human era that rewires the body, mind and spirit for oneness consciousness and expanded awareness and human potential.  She is an accomplished and dedicated spiritual healer, counselor and teacher who facilitates healing and expansion for individuals who are ready to choose something different for their life.  Whether individuals are seeking to awaken spiritually, are in pain, trauma or ill health, or unable to move forward in life or receive clarity about their path or purpose, Naia has helped individuals to move past internal obstacles, feel supported, experience an expansive feeling of Self and possibility, and reclaim their clarity, strength, and health.  Naia also works with our Mother Earth to facilitate healing and shift in the land and the spirits that reside in and on the land.

Deepening Our Divine Gnosis

Sit in a high frequency circle infused with the Divine Mother, as we focus on deepening and broadening our connection to our own inner knowledge. Whether you are a seeker on the path, or already spiritually realized, this circle holds space for you to expand and delve deeply into different aspects of your Self, that will inspire new awarenesses and connections within you. The circle is a participatory exploration of our unfolding journey of embodiment and creation and will focus on the further unfoldment of our own Divine Purpose, Wisdom and Gifts. The circle will include a short talk, a guided meditative journey, and a group discussion. Participants may wish to bring a notebook or journal to record the insights or information received during the meditation. Please note: I have not yet determined the exact focus of the circle for the SYF, however I am leaning to either ‘Merging with the Divine Mother,’ and ‘Entering the Portal of Pure Awareness,’ both of which I have presented in the past.

More about Naia


Naia has been on the mystic’s journey of spiritual inquiry since the age of five, when she first connected with her spirit guides.  At that time, a deep seed was planted that there was more to this life than the world we observe through our five senses.  Since then she has studied and integrated wisdom from many different spiritual traditions and lineage holders from Vajrayana Buddhism, Native American wisdom, Christianity, Naada Kriya Yoga, the Edgar Cayce readings, Advaita, and the Kaballah.  She also spent five years working and studying at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, VA where she responded to thousands of inquiries from around the world pertaining to topics in the Cayce readings.


Naia is also a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy and has worked as a massage therapist and energy healer, performing thousands of massage and hands on healing sessions.  She has studied energy healing with Lillian Pitawanakwat, an Ojibway Grandmother, and has been certified in Access Consciousness, Reconnective Healing, Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch.  In 2006, she was certified through Mastery Systems as an Outcome Facilitator and Language of Mastery Instructor.  Over the years, she has developed her own integrated healing approach that can include any or all of the above and, in 2012, she co-developed and founded Vertical Shift Healing.


While aware of the unseen realms and living deeply immersed in spirit, Naia has also lived with her feet firmly planted on the ground in this realm.  She has worked successfully in business, and in local, state and national politics.  She was awarded a Proclamation from the State of Connecticut for her service to the State, and was recognized in Who’s Who Among Young American Professionals and Outstanding Young Women of America.  In 2008, she launched her own successful business, Lotus One Heart Business Solutions, working with conscious entrepreneurs and transformational leaders, speakers and teachers on creating and providing creative solutions to meet the needs of their growing businesses.  She is a life member of CEO Space, a premier forum for entrepreneurs.


Naia considers herself a student of life and her own spiritual unfoldment as well as a spiritual healer, guide and facilitator for others.

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