SYF2017 Pre and Post Conference Immersions

Training: Traumatic Stress – Resiliency and Healing with Yoga 

Thursday, March 9 – Sunday, March 12, 8-4 Thursday, 8-12 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Up to 20 CEUs with Faculty: Molly Birkholm, Suzanne Connolly, Mark Whitwell, and Gina Garcia with additional sessions by Pamela Stokes Eggleston, Lori Zeltwanger, PT, and Essie Titus 

Every year SYF aims to assist yoga teachers in bringing the tools and benefits of yoga to populations affected by PTSD, TBI, and life stresses of all kinds. Three years ago we focused on the benefits of Yoga For Veterans, two years ago on Yoga For First Responders. Last year we refined and expanded by offering training in all the ways yoga benefits trauma survivors and develops resiliency in a high stress environment. This year the huge leap is this: instead of a pre-conference offering we are electing to integrate the training right into the conference. It is our hope and belief that we will double the number of participants in this training and therefore continue to widely expand the reach of the tools of yoga.

The carefully selected faculty and comprehensive courses in the SYF Gives Back training aim to provide: the latest in scientific research and support for alternative modalities in healing; specific practical techniques of yoga, pranayama and meditation and an understanding of why and how they work in relation to trauma and the nervous system; a comprehensive overview of complex trauma, PTSD, and TBI; break out sessions with practitioners working in specific populations (veterans, first responders, survivors of abuse/war/crisis, caregivers, injured athletes, etc) to help guide you to a deeper understanding of how to apply these universal healing modalities to the specific community you intend to serve. In providing these trainings over the years we have realized that it is the same YOGA that benefits everyone, and that trauma works in the body in a consistent way. These universal principles may be applied to each unique individual through the care of the teacher. We want to give teachers the tools to take these skillful means to heal their communities throughout the world..

CEUs available

Thursday, March 9th, 8am – Sunday, March 12th, 1pm, 2017



Embrace Radiant Health and Wellbeing with Ayurveda:An in-depth Introduction to Foundational Principles and Applied Practices of Ayurvedic Medicine

Thursday, March 9, 2017 – 11am-3pm – $108 

faculty: Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur, Founder and Spiritual Director of Vedika Global

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that originated in India several thousands years ago. Ayurveda helps us by offering deep insights about inner human nature and our relationship to the natural world and spiritual consciousness. Integrating Ayurveda wisdom and lifestyle principles into your yoga practice can create more energy, clarity, and inspirations and a deeper, richer experience on the mat that you can take with you off the mat as well. Explore Ayurveda’s key themes and foundational theories with internationally acclaimed teacher and author, Acharya Shunya.


Alchemy of the Elements: An ON THE LAND pre-conference immersion with Saul David Raye

Thursday, March 9, 2017 – 9:30am-4pm – $249 – limited to 10 participants

We will spend the day immersed in the teachings of yoga while visiting some of the sacred sites in Sedona. Immersion is limited 10 people.
Extend your Sedona Yoga Festival experience for a day and join us for the powerful and  intimate pre-immersion out in the powerful natural setting of Sedona  with acclaimed teacher Saul David Raye. The five elements are essential to a deeper understanding of Yoga. In this workshop we will dive deeply into the core philosophy or holistic yoga through the five elements and how we can access  and attune with the elements both within and without for healing, balance and awakening.
In this workshop you will learn practice that you can begin immediately to work with the elements for greater health, energy and vitality.
~ Philosophy of the Maha – Bhoutas (5 Elements) and their importance in yoga, ayurveda, tantra and all forms of yoga.
~ Essential teaching and practices ( mantra + meditations) for each element
~ Yogic and shamanic practices for working directly  with the elements
~ Integrating a deeper awareness of the elements into your yoga practice.
~ Understanding the deeper connection of the elements, the chakras and alchemy
~ Specific Yoga Practices integrating the 5 elements
~ The Heart as the center of balance and the importance of strengthening and awakening the spiritual heart
* Bring a water bottle, hiking shoes, and some light energy snacks. In the case of inclement weather, this event will be held indoors.


Find Your Place in the Yoga Industry: Authentic Marketing for Yoga Teachers

1/2 Day Immersion with Lynann Politte

Thursday, March 9, 2017 – 12pm-4pm – $108 

Filled with practical guidance in identifying and claiming your unique place in the yoga industry this step-by-step workshop explores ways to integrate the intimacy of the yoga industry with practical marketing strategies. You will walk away with the tools to discover, create and develop your yoga business in a successful way. Lynann offers a unique perspective and approach to brand development and marketing. You will see the importance of staying true to your authentic self and learn how to market your yoga offerings in an effective way so students who resonate with your teachings will find you. Your yoga business will thrive.


Yoga Playground!

The Creative Art of Assisting & Adjustments, 1 Day Immersion with Tymi Howard

Thursday, March 9, 2017 – 9am-4pm – $197 

Join Tymi for a full day of exploring and workshopping adjustments, modifications, assists & creative options in the yoga asanas. Immersion includes a 2 Hour Vinyasa Yoga practice followed by 4 hours of workshop time for yoga teachers & students; this immersion is open to ALL.

We will discuss the 4 main methods of adjusting, energetic etiquette, practice assist’s in many different poses including but not limited to foundational standing asanas, sun salutations, floor work, inversions, Thai & partner variations and also take time for Q&A.

The goal of this workshop is to inspire and cultivate a better understanding of how to intuitively and safely assist the student in discovering more freedom, bliss and deeper expression of an asana. By understanding the biomechanics of the poses and trusting your intuitive instincts a student and teacher can deepen their practice through creative, fun exploration of the asanas.



Shakti Prana: How to Embody Power + Divinity with Katie Silcox

Monday, March 13th, 9:00-12:00 and 1:30-4:00 $149

The teaching say that Shiva without Shakti is like God with any Power. Similarly, Shakti without Shiva is Power without Divinity. Come learn how to balance the Wild Goddess in your human form with New York Times Best Selling Author and Tantra/Ayurveda Teacher, Katie Silcox


The Promise: Advanced Yoga for EveryOne with Mark Whitwell

Monday, March 13th, 10:00-2:00 $108 

What is the purpose of the Promise practice? Its purpose is to be uplifting and totally functional, promoting a dynamic interflow of inhalation (receptivity) with exhalation (strength). This in-and-out breathing cycle activates the deep male-female polarity within each of us, regardless of gender. This practice is effortless and practitioner’s report that it awakens their well-being, vitality, sexuality and self-awareness.

Who can practice? Everyone! Breathing is the basic function of life. This practice has been designed to promote the core principles of yoga practice, beyond any brand or ideal. It bypasses commercial yoga and provides the fundamental components for authentic yoga practice — the means for intimate connection to Life and all its conditions.




Monday, March 13th, 9:00-1:00 $44

In this experiential workshop, we are going to dive deep into the deity practices and sadhana practices of non dual philosophy of moksha (yogic awakening). Practices will include Ganesh Puja, Nidhidhyasanam (Vedantic Meditation), Deity Archetypes practices and Advaita Vedanta Sadhana.  Discover your Isthadevata (personal archetype), uncover the secret symbolisms of yogic deities and practice the various ways to work with them towards spiritual awakening.



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Yoga and NCBTMB Continuing Education (CE)

Sedona Wellness is SYF2017’s provider of CEUs for Massage Therapists and Nurses. We are so grateful for their commitment to quality and their service to the yoga world!

Their mission: To provide quality continued education to professionals in the wellness and integrative health care fields, giving on to you our knowledge and personal experience from around the world, the power of healing touch. With years of  acquired modalities from both ancient wisdom and modern science, Sedona Wellness was inspired to create a comprehensive continued education organization offering practitioners worldwide the opportunity to expand their practice. We stand behind our choices of locations that PROMOTE HEALING and are paired to the content of the curriculum offered. Click HERE for more information.

there is a $10 per CE charge and we will assist you with all paperwork including Yoga Alliance conference credits.

Continuing Education (CE) for Nurses and Counselors with CEU Institute

Approved provider for “Yoga for Trauma” training. More information coming soon re festival offerings approval. All CEUs $60 for Yoga for PTSD

Yoga Alliance CEUs

CEUs for Yoga Teachers are searchable in the schedule also, based on Yoga Alliance new guidelines as of 1/1/2015

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