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Nathan Gangadean – Saith Music



saithThe Saith Yoga Workshop

  Liberating Yoga
…Yoga as a Fractal Art Form
The Overview:
¬†In a unique and powerful exploration of this classical healing art form, N√§than brings the Essence of Yoga to Life by showing how today’s yoga has been largely swallowed up by an ego-based culture which has in effect ‘downsized’ and even desecrated not only the true power of Yoga, but also, and especially, the human being. ¬†N√§than will facilitate the realization and embodiment of the fractal possibilities inherent in every movement, breath and posture. ¬†Hence¬†Liberating¬†the experience of yoga from the familiar and often constrictive, even mechanical practices that abound in commercialized yoga.
The Journey:
The Focus of this Journey is to actually experience the blissful power of Liberating Yoga for our two hours together and Beyond!
       In this Yoga Sanctuary, Näthan demonstrates how True Yogic Awareness creates authentic alignment, and effortless Bliss in our Human experience. As we go deeper, we will be guided through a celebratory flow with Näthan as we awaken and liberate the BodyMind together.  We will then conclude our Yoga flow with an open circle reflective sharing of our journey together assisting each other in bringing Yoga to Life!
N√§than Gangadean is a local musician, singer, ¬†music producer, yoga teacher, and spiritual hike guide in Sedona as well as the creator of the Saith Yoga style. ¬†He also comes from a lineage of Yoga teachers including his grandfather Dewan Gangadean who pioneered Yoga in the United States since¬†the early 1950’s. ¬†N√§than began teaching yoga at age 19 having absorbed Yoga philosophy throughout his life and topped it off with an official certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa through It’s Yoga in San Francisco. ¬†Beginning his teaching career in his own studio (Devi Yoga, opened with his two siblings Devan and Sonali) N√§than had the freedom to immediately begin exploring the primal power of Yoga outside of the confines of any established school or approach. ¬†Through countless hours of teaching and years of pushing the boundaries, N√§than developed a unique and liberating approach to the practice of Yoga. ¬†In addition, as a Fellow of the Global Dialogue institute, Haverford College, N√§than has extensive experience in cultivating the art of Deep Dialogue across worlds and traditions. ¬†This training was enriched by years of exploring diverse philosophical and spiritual texts situating Saith Yoga in a Global light for a Global age.
What is Saith Yoga?
In short, Saith Yoga seeks to bring to Life the Yoga of yoga by providing the evolving yoga technology which Liberates the individual from the dominant and confining practices that are so common in the ego-based culture.
¬† ¬† ¬†…There are many schools, styles and brands for yoga on the scene today, each having their own important contribution to make.¬†¬†Nevertheless, many teachers and practitioners may not be focusing sufficiently on the essence of classical yoga which clearly teaches that True Yoga is a journey into integral being and wholeness. ¬†It is not bound by the dominant objectifying practices of today’s ego based culture which often feels confining to the human being.¬†¬†Nor is it bound by dogmas or specific belief systems. ¬†True Yoga is a universal path for all people in all walks of Life.
         Saith Yoga is rooted in the classical philosophy and technology of yoga, yet cultivated and evolved for the unprecedented age in which we live.  It seeks to awaken the innate intelligence of the BodyMind through conscious and joyous self-exploration, empowering the individual to effortlessly arrive in the state of wholeness and bliss that is each of our birth right.

Saith has been a yoga teacher in Sedona since shortly after he moved from his hometown near Philadelphia in 2001.¬† After opening a studio with his siblings he began to branch away from Ashtanga Yoga and began exploring a new approach to yoga based in freedom, celebration, and intuition.¬† His musical path developed right along side his Yogic journey until Saith had a large body of songs imbued with the same central themes as his Yoga.¬† Accompanying his original “Lyrical Medicine” with his classically influenced piano style or his self-taught guitar approach, Saith has been compared to artists like Michael Jackson, Ray LaMontagne, and Bob Marley.