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Eventbrite - 2015 Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference (3rd annual)


Dedicated to the creative/spiritual part of every person, Sedona Creative Life Center is a non-religious, non-profit growth center.  Foremost in its philosophy is the idea that every person is here to learn and to grow as much as possible.  Creativityand fulfillment are believed to be closely connected with growth and change on a personal level.  Sedona Creative Life Center strives to put on programs that bring out the creative, fulfilling and growth producing aspects in people.

SCLC comprises a diverse spiritual community that comes together for the purpose of spiritual advancement, and for the celebration of everything that is positive, both on a personal level and on a global level.

  • Variety of Events: Special emphasis is placed on exploring personal growth and development processes, metaphysics and spirituality, consciousness-expansion and creativity enhancement, uplifting musical performances, and alternative approaches to health and well-being.
  • Global Perspective: In general the programs embrace a spiritual world view characterized by global concern, social conscience, peaceful coexistence and ecological sustainability.  This world view includes the various forms of personal freedoms and human rights, including civil rights, peace, social justice, and equal rights for women.
  • Personal Perspective: At the personal level, the programs emphasize creativity and personal growth, and generally hold in high regard the concepts of integrity, altruism, self-actualization, optimism, spirituality, authenticity, holism, and direct personal experience.

Shirley Caris (4/28/1936 – 1/17/2003)

7shirleyShirley Caris, beloved founder of Sedona Creative Life Center, no longer walks among us.  Her death on January 17, 2003 was sudden and unexpected.

Shirley was born in Detroit, Michigan.  She attended Michigan State and Wayne State University majoring in Business and Fine Arts.  She moved with her family to Paradise Valley, Arizona in 1968, where she co-founded a successful electronics manufacturing company.

In 1986, she moved to Sedona and developed the Hillside Sedona Courtyard and Marketplace, setting a precedent for environmental sensitivity in retail projects.  She was an active member of the Sedona arts community and served on the board for the Sedona Cultural Park.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream in 2000, she established Sedona Creative Life Center as a non-profit organization, to provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for spiritually enhancing programs and personal creative growth.  As a result of Shirley’s unique vision and the help of dedicated individuals, the Center has achieved worldwide acclaim.

As Shirley always said, “Now I get to decide how to express the last third of my life.  Now it’s time to share and give back  …that’s what Sedona Creative Life Center is all about.  Shirley knew that everything in her life had led her to this dream, her soul purpose.  And she has made it a reality.

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