Sedona Yoga FestivalThank you for supporting the Sedona Yoga Festival.  We are truly grateful that you have come by!  Please sign up to recieve news and updates for SYF2013.  The planning continues and much is coming together as we fully align to the purpose of this event.

The Sedona Yoga Festival is part Healing Arts Conference and part Celebration of Love & Light held in the heart of the most spectacular landscape on Earth.

What does that mean, precisely?

Sedona is a mecca for the Healing Arts.  It is a spiritual place that has been honored for lifetimes by indigenous cultures for its beauty, energy and mysticism.  Today, Sedona brings millions of people a year through this community and shares the Great Mystery wrapped in red-rock splendor, energy vortexes and the majestic Oak Creek Canyon.  There is something here for everyone!  And now, for the first time ever…

The first annual Sedona Yoga Festival!  A Healing Arts Conference and conscious event, SYF2013 aims to share consciousness and Love with humanity through its developing first year program.  Our vision is to create an environment to allow the wonderful and healing benefits of Yoga and Energy Medicine to positively uplift each and every individual who is touched by this cause.  That’s right!  SYF is a global call to action for those who are ready to shift the very fabric of reality around us.  The healing arts, including Yoga and mediation are an access point to higher consciousness; to a higher vibrational reality… to LOVE, the Universal Vibration.

Sedona Yoga FestivalOur presenters and speakers, along with our partners the Living Energy Workshop Series and Bhakti Tribe Sedona, are all aware of the contribution we each make to human consciousness.  Our devotional practices bring about individual health and wellness, inner peace, tranquility and a deep sense of connection to All that Is.  These practices are ‘game-changers’, often bringing about tremendous uplifting shifts for people and healing beyond comprehension.  (I, myself was told 12 years ago that I would never walk again without a cane… and yet with Yoga and Energy Medicine here I am today… healthy, happy, prosperous and physically in the best “shape” of my life!)

The SYF2013 weekend of February 7-11th will bring about the opportunity for individual healing, to be sure, however with so many people in one place and the energy of Sedona supporting us, we will most definitely have a vibrational impact on a global scale.  We will shift the fabric of reality with our consciousness and contribute peaceful and tranquil vibrations on a planetary scale.  This is what is possible, we know and some of the experts that have proven this scientifically will be here.

Stay tuned my friends… there will be much more to share as we continue to unpack what has already aligned energetically.  You, too can help…  Please share and spread the word.  Visit our site often and get engaged!  Tell us what you want at SYF2013 and we will do our best to produce an event that “rocks it outta the park” and takes us all to a higher vibration and affects global change.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!



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