2013 Sedona Yoga Festival Update

Planning for the Sedona Yoga Festival, scheduled for February 15th-18th, 2013, is making giant leaps this week.  We are talking with a local venue that seems perfect, which will allow for a central location for the festival and major workshop events.  It supports our vision of promoting local studios and practitioners alongside members of the national and international yoga community.  We also gained a major sponsor and continue to receive inquiries for presenters/workshops, and vendor tents and booths in a secure village marketplace.  Festival patrons will enjoy shopping and nourishment throughout the weekend as they come and go from the main campus – as well as to and from local yoga studios, cafes etc.   SYF patrons will return to Sedona for years to come, as this annual festival will give audience to the local yoga, healing and conscious living community as well as retail, restaurant and lodging businesses.

We opened the application process to be a presenter at the Sedona Yoga Festival.  If you have an idea for a workshop or presentation, please submit it early so that we can add it to the creative process of planning this 3-day schedule.  We have already received several inspiring and unique workshop proposals and master panel workshops.  Please be adventurous and insightful with your presentation ideas, knowing event participants are very interested in practical yoga for the modern experience.  If you are a teacher who has found unique ways to maintain inner peace, we would like to hear from you. If you have music that soothes the soul, we would like to also invite you.  For Ayurveda practitioners, this venue has a separate and very special space with a kitchenette.

Sedona Yoga Festival

Long Canyon, Sedona Arizona

Become an InnerLight Partner with Sedona Yoga Festival.  Our exposure truly is your exposure.  In brilliant collaboration with founding partners, sponsors and our sister event, the Flagstaff Yoga Festival, we are facilitating a local experience with a big reach.  This type of marketing and branding coverage provides excellent visibility and cross-marketing opportunities for local, regional, national and worldwide sponsors.  Please request a media kit and we will send you more information.  Sedona businesses, teachers and practitioners: request the “local package” and receive premium advertising at Kama’aina discount.  Before and after the actual festival, we will direct the flow of e-tourism to the SYF Innerlight Partners, both local and worldwide, so that exposure is maximized year round.

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