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Ground~ Flow~ Soar Yoga

Anchor deep within by drawing the earths sacred energy upward through the your feet and legs to your pelvis through invigorating standing poses. Stoke the vibrant energy of your powerful central channel through core and breath work. In cultivating the strength, power and stability of your lower body and energy centers you will feel an incredible lift and loft in the upper body, shoulders, neck and crown through inversions and backbends. From earth to sky~ get ready to spread your wings and fly!

Get Aligned & Get Happy: Neck and Shoulders

Rescue your flat neck and rounded shoulders! Open the shoulder girdle, awaken your upper back and free your neck with precise alignment techniques, intentional strengthening and deep elongation starting at the root of the neck in the upper back and extending upward toward the crown. Aligning the upper body will enliven the energy flow between your heart, head and crown re-establishing the channels of sacred communication in these upper chakras that represent compassion, insight and connection to the highest. Includes asana, pranayama, meditation and visualization.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Sienna Smith

Sienna Smith is the owner of Yoga Mountain Studio in California, Yoga Journal Contributor, certified Anusara-inspired and Viniyoga teacher, certified senior Yoga Alliance teacher trainer and registered yoga therapist. She has taught yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area for 12 years and studied closely with Gary Kraftsow, John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Georg Feuerstein and Maritza.  Along with yoga, her daily Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice brings compassion and clarity to her life. Her classes, privates, workshops and retreats align students in their physical body, and anchor their heart and mind in life-affirming philosophy leading to greater freedom and joy. Sienna has appeared in three issues of the Yoga Journal, Gary Krafstow’s top-selling yoga DVD, Yoga for the Low Back and has created two personal practice DVD’s.  She has two children, loves her 20-ingredient green smoothies, creating mid-air yoga poses on her kids trampoline and being surrounded by nature.

Why Practice Yoga?

For one, the pure JOY of it. Yoga leads to a well-spring of energy and Sedona Yoga Festival - Sienna Smithvitality that I have never experienced with any other physical, mental or spiritual modality before. Others agree, the most common statement I hear students say is  “I just FEEL BETTER when I do yoga”.  It’s true, through the practice of yoga your body becomes stronger, your mind clears and your heart opens.

Great yogis have known the deep benefits of yoga for centuries. In the Sri Krishnamacharya tradition (master teacher of BKS Iyengar, Sri Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar) yoga is said to be the blossoming of spirit through awareness, self reflection and connection to that which is highest. And, as my teacher Gary Kraftsow says with casual urgency , “We are here but a blink of an eye – if we want real transformation in ourselves and the world, there is no time to waste. Yoga is an amazing tool on the path of transformation.” A path, say ancient sages, that can lead to true peace and freedom or in body, mind and spirit!

Sedona Yoga Festival - Sienna Smith

Sedona Yoga Festival

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