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Stargate Productions

an all-Green, Eco-Friendly Venue


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Eventbrite - 2014 Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference

Star Gate Productions is a Multimedia Productions Company and an all-Green, Eco-Friendly Venue.  It is located at 55 Shelby Drive in Sedona, Arizona. Stargate Productions venue has:

  • 1,765 square feet,
  • A 30 foot wide Stage
  • LED Theatre Lights
  • Professional Sound System
  • Sound and Lighting Booth
  • Digital Projector and Film screen.

It is home to Children and Adult Theatre Productions, The Cosmic Choir, and Sedona Spirit Sings. Stargate Productions can be rented to host a variety of Day Classes, Weekend Workshops, Retreats, Theatre Productions, Staged Readings, Concerts, Dance Events and more. We can also host group meeting, and parties for all occasions.

We Offer:

  1. Professional Teaching for the performing arts, music, theatre, dance
  2. Accept all kinds of students varied backgrounds, educational skills from young to adult
  3. Producing Theatre, Musical Shows, Seminars, Book Signings, Art
  4. To consider hosting all types of Seminars, Classes, Workshops,
    Retreats, Theatre, Dance, and Music Events but reserve the right to be discerning in our final choice.

Here At Stargate Productions We Strive:

  1. To create a professional, energetic, positive atmosphere where talent, and all types of classes, seminars, workshops and retreats will be filled with creativity, fun. And a high level of knowledge
  2. To foster and encourage growth artistically and creatively through all of the arts for our students,  our audiences, workshop and class participants, and our community
  3. To have all students and participants grow in all fields of their endeavors

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