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  • Albert Flynn

    Meet Albert Flynn DeSilver… Writer, speaker, retreat and workshop instructor.

    We recently chatted with writer/speaker Albert Flynn DeSilver to get the inside scoop.

  • Isabella Greene

    Meet Isabella Greene, Ze Happinator. Remote Spiritual Healer, Happiness Coach, Mystic and Teacher

    We recently chatted with Remote Spiritual Healer, Isabella Greene. Recent expansions and up-leveling have been keeping her happily… busy. She is constantly asking the Universe for more.

  • What is a Vortex? by SYF2016 Presenter Pete Sanders, Jr

    At the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival, for the first time, MIT Graduate and local Sedona Vortex expert Pete Sanders, Jr will share how participant’s can best use Sedona’s special sites for enhanced Yoga and increased Energy Connection.

  • Consciousness Unfolding – the Creation of Transformation.

    Heather, myself and the SYF Team have created the platform for your transformation. SYF, a consciousness evolution conference is truly the environment for exceptional growth and change… a transformation into the next phase of your life experience.

  • Denise Thompson

    Meet Denise Thompson, aka Yogirunner, Teacher and Vice President of Group Fitness at Mountainside Fitness

    We recently chatted with yogi, teacher and corporate exec, Denise Thompson – AKA Yogirunner, to find out just how she keeps it all together in a fast-paced life…

  • Silvia Mordini

    SYF Teacher Feature – Meet Silvia Mordini Founder LIFE Inspired: Alchemy of Yoga, Alchemy Tours, Prescriptions for Happiness

    We recently chatted with Teacher, Healer, Happiness Coach, Silvia Mordini, to find out more about what drives her creativity and stokes her joy. Silvia shares from her heart on how you can stand behind your own, true voice and make today the best day ever.

  • Journey Back Home by Dulce Ruby

    At SYF2014, Dulce Ruby landed quite by happenstance in Sedona to attend the 2nd Annual Sedona Yoga Festival. She experienced the extraordinary and transformative energy and the outstanding lineup of presenters, taking away something that changed her very destiny. Two years later, she returns to bring a Peace Movement that will affect then entire world. Here’s her story…

  • Blast from the Past, Paving the way to the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival

    Every year, as we deepen the experience of the Sedona Yoga Festival, there comes that time when we sit and ponder how it all began and where we are today.  SYF has become an event not to miss; it has marked the transformation of many a yogi these past 3 years.  In the beginning we saw an epic experience, situated in

  • The Magic Portal of the Winter Solstice

    There are many moments. They are portals that we can step through consciously…or not. Nature very often gives us a “heads-up” before these moments occur, such as birds taking flight before a tornado or elephants running to high ground before a tsunami. Right now, all around us in Nature, we are seeing change. A sleepiness is overcoming the “rita” of