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  • Blast from the Past, Paving the way to the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival

    Every year, as we deepen the experience of the Sedona Yoga Festival, there comes that time when we sit and ponder how it all began and where we are today.  SYF has become an event not to miss; it has marked the transformation of many a yogi these past 3 years.  In the beginning we saw an epic experience, situated in

  • The Magic Portal of the Winter Solstice

    There are many moments. They are portals that we can step through consciously…or not. Nature very often gives us a “heads-up” before these moments occur, such as birds taking flight before a tornado or elephants running to high ground before a tsunami. Right now, all around us in Nature, we are seeing change. A sleepiness is overcoming the “rita” of

  • How Gratitude Improves Our Well-Being

    We make a point during this time of year to outwardly express gratitude for the good things in our lives. Some take to social media or a journal each day to write about something  for which they are thankful, while others specify time for prayer with the theme of gratitude. There seems to be no limit to the quotes, blogs,

  • Turkey with a Side of Gratitude!

    Once upon a time a group of Pilgrims sailed from England to America to start a new life that included freedom. The independence they sought provided them with the liberty to believe what they wanted to believe and live the way they wanted to live. However, they were faced with many challenges and hardship, often resulting in death. In the

  • From Stress to Inspiration Sedona Magic

    Living in Sedona and consciously practicing what you preach it’s easy to forget how it is “out there” in the “main land” for most people… I get frequent reminders with clients from big cities visiting for tune-ups and their much needed “Sedona time”. I observe them arrive enveloped in broken grey auras, lower energy centers clogged with what seems like

  • The sky is blue… but all I see is grey.

    The efficacy of Yoga, Meditation and other mindfulness practices as treatment and prevention has been beyond proven in our scientific community, as well as described in the ancient texts of this thousands of years old science.

  • Gratitude

    A bright golden leaf framed by a clear sky floated lightly to earth. My mind was transfixed on the leaf that marked the advent of autumn and the cycles of seasons within life. Deepak Chopra once remarked that he was now in the autumn of his life. What a wonderful way to remind us that life has its seasons just

  • Connect to the Present Moment

    by SYF2015 Presenter Alicia Valentyn, RYT LMT   What’s the Best Way to Connect to the Present Moment? I connect to the Present Moment by way of my Breath. In yoga the Breath is known as Prana. Take a Moment now and Notice Your Breath. Notice the Quality, Rate and State of your Breath. Is Your Breath Relaxed, Smooth and Free from

  • Yoga For Personal Growth – Yoga Is About Living!

    by SYF2015 presenter Hope Zvara Yoga has taught me a lot about life and living. My mom (also a yoga teacher) and I often chat jokingly about how being awake in the world is a blessing and a curse. As yoga heightens your awareness of the things, people, actions, and words that are around you as well as what goes