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  • Letter to Attendees of SYF2016

    Hi Yogis! Team SYF, on the ground in Sedona, reporting. The weather is perfect, the surroundings spectacular, the details in place. We await you to complete the experience! This message is chock full o’ details so relax and get ready to picture yourself in Sedona! At ease, filled with shakti, and most of all… connected. Registration opens at 3pm Thursday

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  • Nothing to fear here: 5 Reasons SYF is the PERFECT 1st Yoga Experience

    There’s nothing to fear here. At Sedona Yoga Festival, we the producers, are sensitive to your concerns, we recognize just how powerful they can be AND we have taken steps to mitigate them for you. Your entry into the yoga world can happen quietly, discretely, and with great care. There is so much available to you, should you decide to attend… Here are 5 great reasons to attend the Sedona Yoga Festival.

  • Love Your Brain Foundation

    LoveYourBrain yoga has been the single most positive experience that I’ve had during my recovery. I’ve been through over nine concussions and never found something that I could do to make myself feel better besides waiting it out and weathering the concussion storm.

  • Yoga is the healing balm…

    Those affected by PTSD need our help… Your help. You can be the guide… you can be a beacon of hope.

    Join the world class faculty, all experts in their respective fields come together to share with you: Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga at the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival.

  • Teri Undreiner

    We recently chatted with Teri Undreiner who excels at Loving and encouraging people, and being an LMT , Life Recovery Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Songwriter/Singer/ Writer, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate/ Workshop Teacher, Warrior Posse Designs ( Yoga Shirts & Apparel)…

  • Pamela Joy Teacher Feature

    Meet Joy Nanda, CranioSacral Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor
    We recently chatted with Joy and discovered bliss…

  • Mimi Solaire

    Mimi Solaire Teacher Feature
    Where has yoga taken you?
    On the physical level I have presented at workshops and conferences throughout the US. I have also led retreats in Southeast Asia- Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. I have traveled to India to experience yoga from the Motherland.

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  • Anton Mackey

    Anton Mackey Teacher Feature
    Where has yoga taken you?
    Yoga has taken me on a journey to get to know my soul. It has taken me around the country and the world. It has been the best guide in my life.

  • Camella Nair

    Camella Nair Teacher Feature…
    Where has yoga taken you?
    Exoterically to India, across America and Mexico. More importantly though, esoterically to a higher plane, transcendent of time and space. Yoga is not the only path to enlightenment, but it is a safe and sure route. You don’t need a suitcase or passport either.

  • Albert Flynn

    Meet Albert Flynn DeSilver… Writer, speaker, retreat and workshop instructor.

    We recently chatted with writer/speaker Albert Flynn DeSilver to get the inside scoop.