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Happiness Reset at Sedona Yoga Festival

facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ flikr Youtube By Silvia Mordini Happiness is a continuous state of quiet joy that exists in the moment from the inside out. Happiness is what love looks like. It is the manifestation of what it means to love ourselves, love...

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Kids Yoga is back for SYF2018!

facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ flikr Youtube SYF Kids Yoga We're excited to announce that the SYF Kids Yoga program is back for this years festival and the new schedule is live! A full weekend of free and open to the public kids yoga activities will be...

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‘Crazy Salad’ Recipe from Balsamic Mercy

Did you resolve to shift your diet to healthier choices in the New year? We've got you covered! We're excited to partner with Balsamic Mercy Catering this year. They will be nourishing your bodies with delicious organic foods at SYF2018. Pre-order now to save on All...

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Yoga Blessings Arrives in Sedona

facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ flikr Youtube Blog by Wendy Yarno for Yoga Blessings All of my adult life I have been active with one form of exercise or another including aerobics (which I taught for over ten years), weight training, Pilates, running,...

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Sedona Yoga Festival 2018 Musicians Line-up

facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ flikr Youtube Sedona Yoga Festival 2018 • Musicians Line-up Blog by Valerie Irons I’ve been attending and working behind the scenes of the Sedona yoga festival since the very first year. The yoga and workshop presenters at...

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YogiTunes: Your Yoga Soundtrack

YogiTunes: Your Yoga Soundtrack Offering an unrivaled selection of hand-picked yoga music from all over the world, YogiTunes offers studio owners, teachers and wellness enthusiasts an expansive library of curated music for yoga, meditation, massage and sound healing....

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Why Learn About Relationships From Us

We're not psychologists. We're not relationship counselors. We're not sex therapists. We're basically regular people who have learned quite a lot over the years on how to be happy in relationship, how to get through the darkness in relationship, how to better...

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The Buzz of Benevolence

Have you ever stood next to a beehive and watched how the bees be-have with each other? The hive is athrive with of the hum and thrum of thousands of bees working in unison to bring the pollen and goodness to the whole.  This is what you will see and feel at the...

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