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The SYF Yoga Blog is where it’s at!

Welcome to the SYF Yoga Blog!  All things Sedona Yoga Festival is what is happening here!  Find news, updates, past newsletters, presenter interviews and more… all at listed here for your convenience.  Plan your upcoming trip to Sedona and/or to the Sedona Yoga Festival, there is a rich tapestry of posts for your enjoyment.


My experience at this festival left me with an afterglow that I have maintained… I absolutely loved my experience.


Happy SYF2015 Attendee

The SYF Yoga Blog is where it’s at!  Consciousness Evolving in words, pictures, videos… guidance, philosophy, interviews, scenery and more.  All here and growing by the month!  Keep an eye on this new Yoga Blog, cuz it is the AwesomeSauce! Marc

Founder, Sedona Yoga Festival

What happens at Sedona Yoga Festival? What can you expect?

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogi's Vo Vera & LaMonte Goode Inverted in the Vortex What can you expect at SYF2017...? Well, the conference and festival itself evolves each year so there's lots we will be unfolding in late September about the Who, What, When,and Where of it...

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