The March 2017 schedule is OPEN for preregistration!!! Check it out below~

Ready to see what this “YOGA” is all about? Can’t touch your toes? No Problem… Consider the “Introduction to Ayurveda”… Chock your schedule full of panels, talks, meditations, creative sessions, pranayama, energy medicine… with only one or two asana classes, or none at all although you might like it if you try it!

Already all in, comfortable calling yourself a yogi and just can’t get enough practice, philosophy, stories, immersion, CEUs? Dive in to any number of deep workshops with teachers from around the world, all sharing their deepest passion and purpose with you…

Or is it time for a full on reset? Cleanse your energy body, work your physical body, stretch your mind? Build relationships and connections in a community of like-minded souls all intending to expand consciousness… Then just show up and go with the flow! With 1400+ heart centered folks all in one location you never know what will happen!

Or simply sit back in the sunshine among the powerful red rocks and take it all in… perhaps over a green shake at Aumbase Purium Yoga Bar while enjoying the offerings of the Heart Center Village Seva Stage…

Wow! You can find something in here that resonates with you, I'm sure!

Take in the red rocks in the warm sunshine and soak in the stars in the evening… Let your energetic body integrate with the powerful landscape and …just relax.. maybe dance.

Do you want to feel free? Intimate with your own self? Expand your heart energy to meet people where they are, where we all are, and connect in the hundreds and thousands in a vortex!! to feel what it means to amplify and build resonance that shakes things up a bit to facilitate the transformations?

Are you ready? Invest in yourself. You’re worth it. And we want to let you in on a little secret. People always sign up for WAY more than they can possibly go to. We cap at the room limit and call it “full” just in case its one of those nobody wants to miss. We’re always amazed and surprised at what you are drawn to!

There is a reason yogis return to Sedona year after year for this event – you’ll see in a few days…


Message to Ticket Holders of SYF2018 Passes – This is LAST YEAR’s SCHEDULE! Please peruse it for an idea of what we offer at SYF but know that you will be contacted as soon as the February 2018 schedule is up and open to preregistration!

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  1. Susan

    I am super excited to attend my 3rd SYF! I wanted to make sure that there would not be any open beehive pieces in the session rooms. I am allergic to bees wax. Last year there was a big chunk of beehive in one of the rooms which makes it difficult for me to breath, effects my eyes, and gives me a terrible rash. I still couldn’t attend my classes in that room even after it was removed last year because it bothered my body.

    Please let me know if there will be any beehives in the session/practice rooms.

    Thank you so much!

    • Heather Shereé Titus

      Copy that, Susan! We’ll be sure not to have the beehives there this time


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