The action potential Retin-a generic ††† Action potential (AP) occurs in the membranes of excitable cells under the influence of the stimulus threshold or subthreshold values ??which increases the permeability of the membrane to sodium ions. The sodium ions begin to enter into the cell, resulting in a decrease in membrane potential - membrane depolarization. With decreasing magnetic field to a critical level of depolarization opens voltage-gated sodium channels and membrane permeability for these ions increases 500raz (exceeding the permeability to potassium ions in the 20 times). As a result, the penetration of sodium ions in the cytoplasm and their interaction with the anions on the membrane potential difference disappears, and then there is recharge of the cell membrane (the inversion charge overshoot) - inner membrane surface becomes positively charged relative to the exterior (30 - 50 mV), then closed sodium channels and voltage-gated potassium channels open. As a result, the output of potassium from the cells begin the process of restoring the original level of the resting membrane potential - the membrane repolarization. If xenical generic such an increase in conductivity to prevent the introduction of potassium tetraethylammonium, which selectively blocks the potassium channels of the membrane repolyarizuetsya much slower. Sodium channels can be blocked by tetrodotoxin and unlock the subsequent introduction of the enzyme pronase, which breaks down proteins. †††

Tommy Zitzka



tommy3Bhakti Warrior

This Bhakti Warrior inspired workshop is a Hatha based, Vinyasa class truly is moving meditation. Inviting energetic movement through grounding namaskars, linked with numerous pranayama techniques that opens awareness, while threading stories from the Bhagvad Gita throughout class.¬† This workshop is physically challenging,¬† invoking the 5 senses. Many believe it’s the element of fire that attracts students to the practice of yoga, however it’s all the other elements that keeps the student practicing yoga.¬† Tommy welcomes all skill levels to this workshop and encourages the advanced practitioner to approach this class with the curiosity of a beginners mind, allowing the possibility of change which will bring a greater freedom & happiness in life. As we grow in this life long practice we dissolve the ego and manifest the truism, the more we know….the more we know that we don’t know.¬†


Tommy welcomes all levels of practitioners to experience a challenging & fun practice. He invites all of those with curiosity of what life could be like when one is open to immersing themselves into a happy, peaceful, & balanced lifestyle. There are very few absolutes in yoga, but one that Tommy feels strongly about is that anyone can practice yoga. Regardless of age or experience level. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga! He is also very passionate that a combination of practicing asana, along with the 8 fold path of yoga it’s possible for anyone to experience a transformation, both on & off the mat.

Tommy started his training at a Baron Baptiste school studying Power & Vinyasa yoga. ¬†Tommy’s advanced training started with his 500 RYT at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts studying Hatha Yoga under some amazing instructors such as Jane Gleason, Kamini Desai, Caroline Cucciara, and continuing his education for his 2nd 500 RYT studying Unity Yoga under Mary Bruce, & Stuart Rice. ¬†Tommy has studied¬†numerous different modalities related to yoga such as Polarity, Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Holistic Nutrition, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Hatha Gong, Advanced Sanskrit, Mantra & Vedic Chanting, Sacred Dance, etc. ¬†Tommy is currently studying in an advanced Ashtanga program always¬†continuing to grow his practice.
Tommy teaches currently teaches at Metta Yoga, SWIHA, SOY, Kamala, & The Village offering classes in  Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Power, Yin, Restorative, Gong, Slow Meditative Flows, Partner/Acro, Hatha Tone, Meditation, and is one of the instructors in the Yoga Teacher Training program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts & The Spirit of Yoga