108 Yoga Mala Coordinated by Tracey Shadley

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tracey108 Yoga Mala Coordinated by Tracey Shadley

A PERFECT way to start your festival!

The Yoga Mala is a series of 108 Sun Salutations.   Traditionally 108 repetitions are done to honor the sacredness of the number.
We have brought together our yoga community with 8 Sedona Yoga teachers each leading a series in their own style.  The 8 teachers with me will be : Emily Daniel,  Arin Thrine, Jeff Masters,  Zac Occiline, Breanna Halpert,  Rachel Hollingsworth, Sherri O’Neill and Samantha Cramer.
Come and join us in this moving meditation which combines movement and breath and honors our sacred life source of the Sun.
It is not as important to DO the mala as it is to be in the spirit of the mala and to have fun!
Tracey discovered to her passion for yoga after watching someone close to her’s spirituality immerge through their daily practice of yoga and meditation. Seeing the positive changes in another, she decided to experience it for herself. After practicing for five years, Tracey completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training and her 300 training in Yoga Therapy in Sedona AZ.
Tracey is a true free-spirit.  She will challenge and inspire you in your daily practice.  She understands what the practice is all about and shares her consideration, dedication and generosity with everyone she practices with.