Tricia Fiske


headshot optimizedTricia Fiske, BA, 500E-RYT, has been a student of yoga since 1997, began teaching in 1999, and has been studying exclusively with ParaYoga founder Rod Stryker since 2000.  Tricia is one of the first Level II Certified ParaYoga Instructors and is primary faculty at Prairie Yoga Teacher Training.

ParaYoga recognizes yoga as an ancient tradition, capable of enriching all aspects of modern life.  Its unique focus is to offer an approach into the depths of yoga science.  The ParaYoga tradition trains techers to guide others toward realizing their highest potential through knowledge and the light of direct experience.  ParaYoga actively pursues positively affecting the evolution of individuals, yoga, and life in the world.

Resolve to Evolve Workshop

 Join Tricia for a yoga intensive aimed at helping you evolve from within.  Set your intention to infuse your life with positive change.  By releasing old patterns, we create space to reveal our essence and to realize that power is always within us.

This practice places a special emphasis on aligning the mind, body and spirit to develop deep wisdom and mindfulness. Yoga is not about learning postures, it is about learning about you. Yoga is the process of transformation.  We transform by learning more about ourselves.  Witnessing, observing what arises, and noticing how we react.  Non-attachment to our old habits – exhaling and letting go into them.  Inhaling to make space to develop new healthy patterns.  Being open minded, open bodied, and open hearted.

More about Tricia…

As a leader in the Chicago-area yoga community, Tricia has trained and influenced teachers in the area since 2001.  Prairie Yoga is one of the most respected teacher certification programs in the Midwest which now includes trainings in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Tricia’s teaching emphasizes realizing one’s personal power and strength, surrendering into that which you were born to be, self-mastery over mind and prana, and honoring the Source.  Setting higher standards in practice, she encourages students to look within, rather than following the latest craze or becoming complacent.

Tricia has a BA from ColumbiaCollege in Chicago and worked for many years as a Marketing Consultant with Accenture (then Andersen Consulting).

She lives in Wheaton, IL with her husband James, son Eric and their cats Lily and Jake.


I honor my teacher, Rod Stryker, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute, and my Tradition for guidance, experience and direction, for encouraging me to take a leading role in healing and transformation both individually and globally.

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