World Peace Initiative

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Our acts are the consequences of our thoughts. Our thought is powerful. It can be the source of innovation, prosperity, and peace; yet equally likely, it can also be the source of human misery, corruption, and tragedy. Ultimately, it is responsible for the rise and fall of civilizations throughout our recorded history. Those that can change their thoughts for the better are the ones moving forward to a better future.The right thoughts arise from clarity of the mind, and such clarity of the mind comes from the stillness within.

Such right thoughts are also our guiding principles, which are universal and applicable to all of the causes for peace. No matter what your passion of social activism is, e.g. peace education, youth mobilization, environmental conservation, racial equality, or humanitarian assistance, the guiding principles endure. In particular, such causes for peace need to be developed and instilled in the mind of the people. It cannot be forced upon them nor can it be acquired suddenly over night. Rather, it requires a voluntary, personal commitment from people over time.

We believe that the first step in this gradual process is the cultivation of clarity of thought and open-mindedness. Through our “Peace In, Peace Out” (PIPO) Campaign, we provide a self-development program to foster such clarity of thought and open-mindedness (Peace In), which subsequently would enhance the effectiveness of such activism for social changes (Peace Out).

The campaign is designed for all people, regardless of nationality, race, and religion. It is based on the practice of meditation, the cultivation of optimism in life, and the acts of self-discipline. Through the campaign, you have an opportunity to develop yourself personally, and you are also encouraged to put your passion for peace into practice by engaging your local communities.We believe that our PIPO Campaign provides a synergic complement to all of the causes for peace. We hope that you will be inspired to participate in our campaign. Your participation will help us create a worldwide network of social activists who are ready to tackle global issues by approaching them locally. This is the message that we would like to share with the world.

Peace In, Peace Out.

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pasura - monkName : Phra Pasura Dantamano (Chaiwong)

Date of Birth : 31 December 1977

Ordination Date : 15 April 2006

Ordained by : Most Ven. Phradhammakittivong

Current  Position     : Chief of International  Relation Division, International Affairs  Department, Dhammakaya Foundation

Vice President of WBSY

Advisor of WFBY


Bachelor’s Degree: B.A. in Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University

Master’s Degree: M.A. in International Relations, Thammasat Universities (Studied)

Dhamma Education: Advance Dhamma Scholar in Thailand, 2004

Working Experiences before Monkhood

  • Assistant General Manager – Maxx Hotel, Rama IX Rd. Bangkok, Thailand
  • Flight Attendant – Thai Airways International Plc.

Monastic Working Experiences

  • Teaching monk for International Meditation Trainings for many countries around the world such as India, Indonesia, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan etc.
  • Teaching monk and advisor for Peace Revolution Project which provide online meditation courses for people around the world regardless of race or religious which aims to encourage them people to change the world through inner peace.
  • Project director and teaching monk conducted many international ordination and training programs such as 111 and 1112 Nepalese Novice Ordination Program in 2011 and 2012 respectively, The First 294 Novices Ordination Ceremony in Bangladesh January 2012, Novice Ordination in Indonesia 2012 and 2013, etc.
  • Conducted religious activities and represented the Dhammakaya Foundation in many international Buddhist conferences held in People’s India, South Korea, Republic of China, Mongolia, Vietnam, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
  • Conducted of  “The International Vesak Day” such as Ceremony of Releasing the Vesak Sky Lanterns in homage the Lord Buddha in Mongolia 2009 -2013, and organized the friendship sky lanterns in  Kalmykia 2011.
  • Project director and teaching monk conducted The V-Star project in Mongolia 2009 – 2013 and V-Star Nepal Teachers & Students Training at Nawalparasi 2013
  • Represented the Dhammakaya Foundation in presenting 222 Buddha statues to various temples in Sri Lanka in 2009 and 250 Buddha statues to temples in Bangladesh 2010.
  • Project director and advisor the World Peace Ethics Contest for families, which was attended by more than 30,000 contestants in each contest, to instill the knowledge of Buddhism in the family and elevate the moral level in the smallest unit of society in Sri Lanka 2009 – 2013 and  Bangladesh 2011


Sunday March 13, 2016 9:15 am – 11:00 am Sedona Hilton Resort Bell Rock Canyon Ballroom (Free and open to Public)

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MISSION: “World Peace Through Inner Peace”

World peace through inner peace is possible when people understand the power of the mind. It is vital that men and women learn to experience inner peace in order to bring about world peace, one person, one mind, one heart at a time. The Peace Revolution project is a super highway leading to inner transformation, genuine peace, and lasting happiness. The great challenge lies in a coordinated, diligent, persevering effort designed to change the thinking and consequently the emotions that continue to hold our world hostage to hatred, ignorance, greed and arrogance. Peace Revolution intends to initiate and foster an “evolution of consciousness” through the practice of the science and art of meditation, “Inner Peace Time”, as the principal means to developing better relationships with family, friends, and the community around us.

By acting as a common denominator for people throughout the world, the practice of “Inner Peace Time” can lead to a genuine and permanent inner peace. By improving our creativity, interpersonal communication, clarity of mind, awareness, and problem solving skills, we build lasting personal strength as well as cross-cultural partnerships. Ultimately, through individual change and cooperation with others, peace will inevitably expand outwards from within to revolutionize and transform the world.

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  • To facilitate positive transformation in personal and moral development;
  • To provide an opportunity for international participants to interact online with others;
  • To implement the Peace Revolution concept in a culturally diverse community;
  • To help people to learn basic “Inner Peace Time” techniques;
  • To instruct participants in the use and purpose of a personal journal;
  • To host and select select representatives for conferences;
  • To practice a universal code of values;
  • To encourage participants to be future, active, agents-of-change;
  • To establish an international network of active agents for change.

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Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased moral standards for the individual, family, community, and society from within so that all can live in security, happiness, tranquility, harmony, and self-fulfillment;
  • Initiating both a “grassroots” and media-based movement with a continual and practical program for perpetuating truth and genuine peace throughout the world;
  • Cultivation of goodness and virtue within each participant and fostering those values in the people around them;
  • Assisting each new-coming generation to become courageous, just, and moral leaders for today and tomorrow;
  • Enhanced interpersonal communication skills with team and networking capabilities;
  • Developed sense of profound inter-dependency and inner strength for continual self improvement;
  • Inspire gifted decision-making and emotional control based on refined stillness of mind.

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World Peace Initiative LogoSupports the self-empowerment of individuals, through meditation and mindfulness practices, with the aim of  creating change on a global scale. World Peace Initiative is an international NGO which was established in Thailand in 2010 and has since grown at a very fast pace. Currently, WPI is a team of both Thai and international youth working in 232 countries worldwide and committed towards our goal of creating peace by empowering the self-development of individuals globally.

The activities of the World Peace Initiative Foundation are based on a firm belief that world peace can be achieved if each and every one of us works on their inner peace first, and then shares it with family, friends and community at large.

Through WPI activities – free online self-development programs, international fellowships and many other local or regional activities – we aim to provide free tools and skills that support individuals in the practice of mindfulness, that boost their self-development and, overall, empowers them to ‘be the change they want to see’.

They offer complex and well considered programs, all with the purpose of making the world a more peaceful place for all of us.  Click here to learn more.

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