Yoga Slackers – Britta Turner and Laura Miller


Sedona Yoga Festival - Yoga SlackersBritta Turner and Laura Miller of the Yogaslackers.

The YogaSlackers team is an eclectic group of yogi-adventurers. Finding enjoyment most when they take their practices off the mat and into the great outdoors, the YogaSlackers continually expand the boundaries of physical limitations and personal growth in yoga, rock climbing, running, and more. As members of the YogaSlackers family, instructors Britta Turner and Laura Miller match strength with grace as they artfully blend the skills of slacklining with the beauty and intelligence of traditional yoga practices as well as dynamic partner-based acrobatics.Sedona Yoga Festival - Yoga Slackers

The Slackline Series is a unique practice that redefines your sense of balance and mental focus.  Great for climbers and athletes of all forms, the YogaSlackers bring their unique practice of slacklining to climbing gyms and yoga studios alike to help students to develop new techniques of complete body awareness and strength. The practice of slackening has many layers-simultaneously developing focus, dynamic balance, power, breath, core integration, flexibility, and confidence.


In this all levels class, you will be introduced to yoga that can be practiced on a slackline- a dynamic piece of 1″ flat tubular webbing tensioned between two solid anchor points. Take an exploratory journey of perceived limitations to embody a true, new sense of balance. Appropriate for newcomers and those with experience, this 2-hour workshop, students will learn the foundational principles of slackening and asana. Utilizing standing postures, sitting postures, arm balances, and kneeling postures, a skilled slackline yogi is able to create a flowing yoga practice completely in tune with the line.


Sedona Yoga Festival - Yoga SlackersGo the next step as you learn to transition from pose to pose. We will link together skills learned in Introduction to Slacklining and introduce moving through postures on and off the line. Linking together poses allows you to take your practice deeper while developing confidence, perspective, ease and core integration. Prerequisites: Intro to Slacklining or a solid practice of at least two of the following skills on the slackline: sit, stand, lying down, kneeling and basic arm balance.


Sedona Yoga FestivalIntegrating the skills learned in basic slacklining and intermediate slackasana, the Slackro Training workshop offers more experienced students the opportunity to take their practice to new levels. Inversions, transitions, and basic partner acrobatics will be practiced both on the ground and on the line. Let your creative juices flow and find grace and poise as you strengthen your slackline practice! Prerequisites: Intro to Slacklining and or Intermediate Slack-asana. Students should be comfortable with arm balances, inversions, and moving along the line.

Sedona Yoga Festival

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