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Sedona Yoga Festival - Yoga Styles

Yoga Styles

Sedona Yoga Festival - Dr. Oz and Susan Nichols

Dr. Oz and Yoga Styles Owner Susan Nichols

After moving to the Phoenix area in 1999, founder Susan started doing yoga. In search for a high fashion and most importantly a high quality yoga bag, she came up with nothing that fit the bill. Since she was a somewhat accomplished seamstress, she made herself, a friend and her yoga teacher a bag. The next day she was off to Mexico for a vacation. Upon her return her yoga teacher informed her that she needed 13 yoga bags! And so Yoga Styles was born…a happy accident like so many fabulous things are!

Since that day, Yoga Styles has expanded to include a full line of products that are inspired. but not limited to, yoga. Almost every item is made in Arizona. Susan works closely with every artist/seamstress and allows them only to make items they enjoy creating. Before any item is added to the collection, Susan personally wears, uses, plays with it for several weeks in be sure it is the best quality.

In 2008 Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was after 3 years of knowing in her gut she was very sick. In March of 2010 she was a guest on the Doctor Oz show appearing in a segment about intuition saving lives. Below is a clip from the Dr. Oz show and the Phoenix local news.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Yoga Styles

Yoga Styles

Sedona Yoga Festival

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