Kids Yoga

A full weekend of open to the public kids yoga activities is being created by our team from among the amazing presenters that work with kids all over the world in all different ways – with YOGA!

  • Mats and materials provided
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Can drop off kids any time between
    Friday – Saturday 8AM – 5 PM
  • Can drop off kids any time between
    Sunday 8AM – 5PM
  • Classes are 1 hour long, supervision will be constant during open hours
  • We have release forms available on site for parents

Sedona Charter School

Sedona Charter School

Kids Yoga Venue Sponsor

The Montessori method forms the foundation of the Sedona Charter School curriculum. It has been said that teachers in other schools can quickly spot Montessori-educated students in their classrooms due to their ability to think, solve problems, exhibit self-motivation, and self-manage. They know what questions to ask to get help quickly to start and complete projects.
Hello, Mr. Sun! Sun Salutations

Hello, Mr. Sun! Sun Salutations

with Ana Camacho Hansen

Class Description: Sun Salutations wakes up the body in a dynamic way. Children will make interesting shapes to the sounds of energizing music. Join Ana as she teaches sun salutations as play and fun for all ages.

Bio: In 2001, Ana began her formal studies in yoga and Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Her first yoga class was a video with Patricia Walden, given to her by her twin sister, Melissa. In the summer of 2003, she completed Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour level teacher training through 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. Here is where she met many of her gurus of yoga: Rama Jyoti Vernon, Shraddhasaggar (Ruth Hartung) , and Ambaya (Pilar Martin of Ambaya Gold). Shortly after receiving her 200 hour level training, she worked at 7 Centers Yoga Arts as a yoga instructor and an ayurvedic chef for the teacher training programs. She received darshan from Sri Karunamayi, an embodiment of divine motherly love. Also, she reveived darshan from Ammaji, the hugging saint of India. Ana Hansen continues to study them as examples of holy women. In 2005, Ana completed her Yoga Alliance 500 hour level teacher training program with the International Yoga College. This time she concentrated her studies on Conflict Resolution as taught by Rama Jyoti Vernon and Max Lafser. In 2006, she opened and operated Embody Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona. In March of 2009, her greatest guru was born; her son. Today, Ana teaches peace curriculum, kids mindfulness and kids yoga at a local Sedona school. Ana is the founder and director of Growing Hearts, Minds & Bodies.

Peace & Play for ages 6+, or Inner Hue for Teens

Peace & Play for ages 6+, or Inner Hue for Teens

with Ana Zikic

Class Description: Ana will teach peace curriculum in a playful way in Peace & Play.

Bio: Ana Zikic teaches both Art & Yoga (200RYT) to children ages 18mo-14, at Keystone Montessori School in Phoenix. After becoming Yoga certified, Ana realized her purpose is to teach peace & mindfulness along side creative expression. Ana believes in planting seeds of peace & unity in our children as the foundation to creating everlasting in our world. Ana hosts creative retreats & workshops (for all ages) that encourage peace and creative expression, through Art & Yoga.

Yoga Nidra for Kids

Yoga Nidra for Kids

with Angela Cox

Class Description: A yoga nidra session will start with the kids with exploring ideas/tools like an inner resource or “happy heart place”, setting intentions, and sensing the body and the breath. Then an extended savasana, using animal buddies as feedback on the belly, will be practiced using the tools to guide them into a very calm and relaxing experience!

Bio: I received a 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2006 through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. I have been teaching yoga consistently at small studios, gyms and private sessions since I received certification. Most recently, I have been volunteering to teach yoga at the Christown YMCA in  Phoenix since 2012 and doing private sessions in people’s homes for over two years. I am trained in Integrative Restoration (iRest) yoga nidra/guided meditation and am excited to bring this knowledge into my general practice and working with others. I came to yoga as a way of dealing with stress from my job as a social worker, which I did for 16 years. This led to a passion for not only the physical benefits but also the level of benefit for the mind and spirit. I love being able to share benefits for people of all levels and ranges of ability. I work with all levels of yoga students to beginners with no knowledge of yoga whatsoever (which I find really gratifying), to people who have a regular practice. I also like to personalize sessions for people who have injuries or limitations. Currently, I’m excited to be extending my knowledge by working toward certification in Integrative Restoration and Bones for Life.

Portable Peace: Making the Meditation Practice Your Own

Portable Peace: Making the Meditation Practice Your Own

with Ann Brownfield Meara

Class Description: This session–specifically for teens and preteens–explores key practices for finding inner peace in daily life. We will learn and practice mindfulness techniques, meditative visualization practices and peaceful breathing to help teens achieve a greater sense of calm. Practical tips for making these practices one’s own will be highlighted. This session will help teens establish and use yogic practices for portable peace… offering a map to peace wherever they may find themselves.

Bio: Ann Brownfield Meara – M.S., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, R-CYT, C-Meditation.  Ann is a Certified Yoga Therapist with 12 years in the field of adaptive, goal centered practice. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, one of the first recognized by the organization as a seasoned professional in the field.

A graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and its certificate program in art therapy, Ann is creative and multi-faceted. She draws from modalities such as mantra, yantra and tarka (sound, symbol, writing/reflection) to enhance the yoga practice and meet student goals. Ann is also certified in meditation.
A Yoga Therapist to children/teens of all abilities since 2006, Ann founded and owns Yoga Friends for Kids.  She is a registered children’s yoga teacher.
Ann works extensively with kids and teens with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and learning differences privately and within a high school special education department. Her goal centered, adaptive yoga therapy approach has been equally successful with general education children, teens and adults.
Ann is a part time Sedona resident. She also offers support in the Chicago area—within a children’s hospital, in special education and through private practice with adult and youth clientele.  For more information, go to or
What do my feelings feel like? A Creative Path of Identifying Feelings Through Yoga

What do my feelings feel like? A Creative Path of Identifying Feelings Through Yoga

with Bethany DeJarnatt

Class Description: During this class, we will adventure through movement poses and act out our emotions! What does anger look like? What does anger feel like? We will build upon an understanding of mindfulness techniques to identify each feeling and recognize when it’s taking over. Breathing techniques with fun props will be introduced to assist those feelings in moving along.

Bio: I’m a pediatric occupational therapist who works with children with sensory processing difficulties among other delays. I’m currently host kids yoga classes in the Tempe, AZ area with focus on emotional regulation and mindfulness techniques intertwined within the classes.

My Brain is a Thinking Machine: Storytelling

My Brain is a Thinking Machine: Storytelling

with Candice Aquirre

Class Description: Students will share feelings and do activities and explore the brilliant functions of the brain. Students will read and discuss My Brain is a Thinking Machine.

Bio: I love being a mom. It’s the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. If you want enlightenment, immersing yourself in this physical experience is the fastest way for your “stuff” to show up… then you can look at yourself, your stuff, and really heal. Thank goodness for BodyTalk to help with all those consiousness shifts and releasing the old stuff! BodyTalk has really helped me become the mom and person I want to be… that’s responsive and loving rather than reactive and emotional. Being a mom has accelerated my growth as a BodyTalk practitioner and my love for the work… I like to look at each session with the curiosity of a child, and just wonder what will come up for each person. What great jobs I have in the office with BodyTalk and at home as a mom!

Dance Class age 7 +

Dance Class age 7 +

with Danielle Vardakas

Class Description: Danielle will teach a dance class for children 7 and up.

Bio: Danielle Vardakas E-RYT500 DYT1000 BFA began dancing at age 3 in Philadelphia. She continued to study dance at the Philadelphia Creative & Performing Arts High School. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University and the Tyler School of Art in 2001. Danielle fell in love with yoga in 1994 while dancing with a junior ballet company and began teaching yoga in 2000. Her practice continued to create balance in her body and mind through her professional dance career which included mainly Hip Hop and Breakin with a bit of Contemporary Modern. She was mentored by Cara Bradley of Verge Yoga. She is also strongly influenced by her teachers Dharma Mittra , John Friend and Kausthub Desikachar. Danielle is continuously training and has completed over 4000 hours of teacher training programs all over the globe. She is a registered 1000 hour Advanced Teacher with Dharma Yoga. Danielle & her family moved to Vermont winter 2009. She currently directs Honest Yoga Center in South Burlington and teachers teacher trainings, retreats and festivals throughout the country and beyond. She teaches monthly in South Florida. Danielle’s vinyasa style incorporates principles of alignment with power flows and bliss energy. She themes each practice so the student can evolve spiritually as well as physically.  A teacher to teachers, Danielle created Honest Yoga 200 & 500 hour teacher trainings. Additionally, her yoga classes are featured She teaches yearly at Sedona Yoga Festival, and has taught for Liberate and Wanderlust Festivals. She currently is an ambassador for Danaloufit Clothing because it is a conscious, made in USA small batch company. Danielle is a vegan, Tao cultivator and proud mother to an amazing little yogi.

Peace Dove Finger Painting Craft

Peace Dove Finger Painting Craft

with Katarina House

Class Description: Katarina Houser will teach about the principles of peace. Children will create a Peace Dove Finger Painting craft.

Bio: Katarina Houser is a full-time Montessori teacher at a local Sedona school. Katarina loves being creative and teaching children to express themselves through art.

Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt & Nature Mandalas

Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt & Nature Mandalas

with Laurie Altringer

Class Title: Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt

Class Description: No trip to Sedona is complete without outdoor exploration amongst the scenic red rocks.  During this session, we will go on a nature walk on Schuerman Mountain Trail (trailhead is right at Red Rock High School) and explore the natural surroundings with a fun scavenger hunt.  Be sure to wear shoes with good tread and to bring water.

Class Title: Nature Mandalas

Class Description: Participants will create beautiful art by using local, native plants to create mandalas (circular motifs with symmetrical geometry).
Bio: Laurie Altringer is a certified teacher at Sedona Charter School where she teaches math, science, gardening, and yoga.  Laurie’s passions include crafting, practicing yoga, traveling, and adventuring outdoors with her family.  She looks forward to working with SYF kiddos for a couple sessions of fun!

Imagery for Kids

Imagery for Kids

with Lisa Broderick

Class Description: In this class, we use the movie screens of our minds to create new horizons and deal with inner feelings.  Using guided imagery techniques, children will learn how to visualize what they would like their lives’ experiences to be like, and then apply those techniques to situations they face every day.   Topics like, “reversing difficult or scary situations”, “living what you dream of now” and “using color to heal ourselves”  will be covered in detail.   Practical exercises will be given out so that children will leave with a sense that they have acquired new tools to cope with an increasing difficult and confusing world. Most of it will be fun to “turn ourselves blue” and “breathe  colors” into our bodies.

Bio:   Lisa is a 30-year meditator trained in multiple meditation practices from spiritual lineages around the world.  She also studied for fifteen years with noted teacher of Western spirituality and author Dr. Gerald Epstein where she learned the ancient art of imagery.  Today, Lisa teaches adults and children around the world practical tools for using meditation and guided imagery to lead lives of purpose and presence.

Journey Through the Elements

Journey Through the Elements

with Melissa Camacho

Class Description: Students will visualize and learn about the elements that make up the body. Students will do a craft for each element.

Bio: Melissa is one of alternative medicine’s most gifted practitioners. Intuitive and knowledgeable, she is a Licensed Acupuncturist, and certified in Ayurvedic medicine.  Trained in yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic cooking, she’s able to offer exceptional healing services including Acupuncture, Cupping, Acupressure, and various Ayurvedic body therapies.  She counsels on nutrition, exercise, meditation and lifestyle.  She is a graduate of Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute, and received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College-Santa Fe.  Internationally trained and former Ayurvedic cook of 7 Centers, she feels blessed to return and contribute to Sedona, Arizona’s first and finest yoga studio.  She is a regular contributor to yoga and health periodicals, and teaches Ayurvedic workshops throughout the Southwest.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

with Melissa Osbourne

Class Description: Family Yoga is a local community gathering for yogi parents to meet and share a breath. A light-hearted class of movement, play and support where families can connect. Children (approximate ages 1-5) can follow along or explore in this safe and magical space. 

Bio:  Melissa Osborne (E-RYT 200, RCYT) completed her Hatha-Flow certification at Yoga Yoga in her hometown Austin, TX in 2012. Melissa is a passionate student of Vedic astrology and yogic lore. Melissa is a peace advocate, poet and painter. She is inspired by the energies of the Earth, planets and stars. She encourages her students to connect with the cosmos through movement and breath. Melissa believes yoga should be accessible for all bodies and will offer modifications for any level of experience. She incorporates strength training and often utilizes props. Melissa and her spouse, Colton, live in lovely Sedona; they have a 2-year-old son-Fox, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Together they lead the monthly Full Moon Gong Baths at 7 Centers in accordance to the astrology of the day.  Melissa taught for the Kid’s Program during the Sedona Yoga Festival 2017. Melissa had the joyous opportunity of earning her 100-hr Children’s Yoga teaching certificate from 7 Centers in 2018. She teaches Kid’s Yoga in the yurt at 7 Centers weekly; with assistance from her happy baby, Fox. Most loved local spots: Seven Sacred Pools, Airport Vortex & Stupa Amitabha Peace Park. (Vinyasa, Kid’s Yoga) 

Journey Through the Elements

Journey Through the Elements

with Ruthann Braccini

Class Title: PLAY, BREATH and CONNECT – Kids Yoga Class with Ruthann

Class Description: Through imagination and play, children will receive the physical and mindful tools that yoga provides. Using our “super power” (our breath) we will explore yoga poses through imagination, sensory exploration and movement. We will play during our structured flow with fun props and music. The class will connect to the oneness of nature, with our friends and most importantly with our self. Our class will wind down using breathing and relaxation techniques which can be applied toward everyday situations.

Bio: Ruthann is a fitness and Yoga instructor, as well as a Mind-Body Movement practitioner. From a very young age she has been drawn to study and understand the science behind fitness and health. This inspiration throughout the years has allowed her background and field of study to become very diverse. In 2000, she gained certification as a personal trainer and studied exercise science in college. Her initial draw to Yoga, was to explore other methods to stretch and move her body, but it quickly became much more. She was captivated by the fact that her yoga practice began to enhance all areas of her life. Over the last 11 years she has actively pursued and has been devoted to understanding the many rich facets of yoga, meditation and spiritual practices. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. Ruthann has been involved in several different children’s yoga teacher trainings, including a 95-hour teacher training in Asana for Autism and Special Needs. This allows her to cater and develop teachings and classes for children from any background and or from many diverse levels of ability. It is her wish to share yoga with everyone and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the human form, its functions and capabilities. Her relationship with yoga philosophy continues to grow in her everyday life and practice. With her knowledge, technique, heart, and the gems given to her by the amazing teachers she has studied with, she is dedicated to guide her students to become all they can become.

Peace Rocks- An Art Hour & Drawing Your Breath- A Mindful Art Exercise

Peace Rocks- An Art Hour & Drawing Your Breath- A Mindful Art Exercise

with Trisha Koons

Class Title: Peace Rocks- An Art Hour

Class Description: During this class, participants will explore ways in which we find peace within and how to share that with the world.  Each participant will design their own peace rock.

Class Title: Drawing Your Breath- A Mindful Art Exercise

Class Description: Participants will have an experience with a mindfulness tool that builds awareness of the breath.  Each participant will leave with watercolor resist images they’ve created.

Bio: Trisha Koons is a Montessori Elementary teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She has degrees in Comparative Religion (B.A.) and Elementary Education (M.Ed.), as well as a Montessori 6-9 level certification.  She has taught kids mindfulness and kids yoga throughout her teaching career. When she’s not teaching, Trisha enjoys doing yoga, meditation, and adventuring in nature.

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