On the Land Excursions

Sedona Yoga Festival’s excursions on the land are world-class experiences: unparalleled and unique. Situated on the land of the first nations of Apache, Hohokam, Pueblo, and Hopi people, Sedona immerses people into spiritual transformation like no other. In the setting of the Red Rocks, the land excursions offer a genuine return to nature that fuels the spirit and soul of those who step foot on the iron-rich soil. The high desert of the Coconino and Yavapai counties is fertile in wildlife, plant life, and adventure. Sedona’s Oak Creek is a pristine creek with Rainbow Trout and Gila Trout.

Another thing that makes Sedona Yoga Festival special is its commitment to Sedona’s Leave No Trace initiative. In joining the City of Sedona’s efforts for sustainability and environmentalism. Below are some venues that make Sedona Yoga Festival the BEST in the nation for its land excursions.

Girdner Trail

A beautiful trail set at the Cultural Park trailhead, parallel to Dry Creek Road in West Sedona. This scenic adventure has some fabulous views of the West Sedona landscape. There are many interesting rock formations.

Secret Slick Rock Trail

Wow! Do not miss Secret Slick Rock Trail. From Secret Slick Rock Trail, you can see the wonders of Oak Creek, Crescent Moon Ranch, Cathedral Rock, and so much more. After a short hike to the rock formation, the scenery opens up to one-of-a-kind rock formations that hold the water like small pools when it rains in Sedona. This is a very exclusive trail, as mentioned in the trail’s name.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is appropriately named indeed and one of Sedona’s most popular sandstone buttes. Cathedral Rock is in the Village of Oak Creek, east of Sedona’s uptown section. It is incredible for countless reasons, and visitors are never dissatisfied with Sedona’s best.

Huckaby Trail

Huckaby Trail offers quiet solitude away from Sedona’s more popular hiking trails. Located parallel to Uptown Sedona, from Schnebly Hill Road. Huckaby Trail fuels the soul of the hiker with silence and nature.

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing trail is along the refreshing waters of Oak Creek, which makes it one of the most enjoyable trails in Sedona! Learn about the historical waterwheel of the 1900s and get a small window into Sedona’s past. Dip your toes into the cool waters of the creek and connect to the beauty the creek has to offer.

Yavapai Vista

Yavapai Vista trail is known as a trail with little effort and high reward! It is in the Village of Oak Creek near Courthouse and Bell Rock. Most hikers say they would camp at Yavapai Vista if it were allowed.

Summit Trail

Soak in the views at Summit Trail! The location of the hike is through the Carroll Canyon trail in West Sedona. In this rare excursion, hikers get a panoramic view of Sedona at the top.

Bubbling Ponds

Bubbling Ponds is the ultimate, green sanctuary for all! Bubbling Ponds Nature Preserve is new to the Sedona Yoga Festival. It is located about 15 minutes west of Sedona in a beautiful, green patch of 273 acres. At Bubbling Ponds Nature Preserve, you may see unique bird species and waterfowl. It is a wildlife sanctuary for some of Sedona’s most precious creatures.

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