Why Human Design is trending, and what you should know about it

The Aquarian Age Blueprint for the New Humanity is here – let’s put it to use!

by Sabine Messner

Everybody is talking about it. Everybody is into it. Everybody knows a bit about it – yet most people still don’t understand exactly what it truly, REALLY means. What’s more, because Human Design is trending, everyone is jumping onto Google, getting their reports and trying to “figure it all out,” only to find themselves juggling a bunch of information that sounds exotic – but sadly, in the end, is not furthering them in their self-actualization..

I get it. A few years ago I was that person, myself. Thoroughly intrigued about Human Design and utterly confused. It’s like trying to learn Algebra by piecing a few calculations together. The math just doesn’t add up. Or attempting to have a real conversation in Chinese, while having no clue about their alphabet, grammar, and pronunciation. It’s just not working.

Let’s face it. Human Design is extremely complicated, complex and layered. What’s more – the more you learn, the more complex and layered it gets! I had a feeling it was going to be this way, which is why I resisted studying it in earnest for many years. Finally, I gave in and today, after hundreds of hours of professional training, studying and practicing giving readings, I’m able to crack the code and can actually make some tangible sense for people. Needless to say, I think Human Design is the coolest thing ever, and I will remain a devoted student for the rest of my life.

You see, Human Design is the first Aquarian Age System that is accelerating human awakening – fast. It helps us remember who we are, why we are here, and how we operate in the world so that we can joyfully create our lives, and thus the world at large. Isn’t this what we all say we want?

Turns out, you are precisely designed the way you are so you can execute your life’s purpose to perfection. That simple. That sacred. That powerful. And yes, THAT divine. Nothing is wasted. Everything serves a purpose. In fact, pointing you to where you’re going with your life, and how you’re going to get there with joy and ease, is the ultimate superpower of Human Design.

You see, Human Design is the first Aquarian Age System that is accelerating human awakening – fast. It helps us remember who we are, why we are here, and how we operate in the world so that we can joyfully create our lives, and thus the world at large. Isn’t this what we all say we want?

Human Design is not a human-derived system. It has been downloaded by a higher source aka intelligence known as “The Voice.” Mysteriously, The Voice synthesizes all five ancient root wisdom schools that we have known on this planet:

  1. Astrology – The art and science of our planetary influences
  2. Kabbalah – The Tree of Life and the infinite spiral dance of the universe
  3. I Ching – The 64 hexagrams described in the Book of Changes
  4. Chakras – The energy centers powering our physical and electromagnetic bodies
  5. DNA Neutrinos – The genetic imprinting and sequencing of consciousness

Human Design brings instant realization. The reason why I’m so passionate about Human Design is that we have been handed a system that lets us directly evolve our own DNA. Imagine, doing your own vibrational precision surgery! You know yourself best – but only if you become aware of your blind spots and can actually illuminate them. Finally, we’re able to understand, love and accept yourselves on such deep and comprehensive levels that this Self empowerment ripples through our genetic Soul inheritance into the past and into the future, lifting and liberating entire lineages!

I told you it’s cool! But here’s why it really matters – NOW. Earth is at a colossal crossroad. We’re either going to evolve beyond what has been, or we’re going down like the Titanic. I think we can all agree that we’re out of time to wait for global solutions to occur. The responsibility now lies with each and every individual. Because we’re also expecting massive earth changes – from extreme weather to mass migration, to political unrest and social instability – the question begs:

How will you navigate these monumental existential challenges that lie ahead?

And how will you positively impact the awakening of the planet? I believe that when all people who’re currently intrigued with Human Design would actually start living it, humanity would evolve rapidly. We’d alll be realizing our destinies and having an amazing time – regardless what happens.

That’s why I will be hosting a complimentary virtual workshop on the transformational premise of Human Design, and why it is the #1 tool that all conscious people need right now.

It’s called “Discover Your Human Design – Unlock Your Hidden Powers and Create Your World” and it’s happening this coming Friday, April 5, from 12 Noon – 1:00 PM PST/3-4:00 PM EST.

Click here to join me live or to get the replay:

(I know this is last minute but if you opt-in anyway, you’ll get the replay.)

And for those of you who are ready to receive your personal Human Design Soul Activation, I am still extending my $333 event special until April 15! Whohoo! That’s a $111 savings for all SYF participants and subscribers only. Click on the link below to book your Soul Activation and use code SYF111 before you check-out:


Your Human Design Soul Activation includes:
  • 90-min private Human Design Soul Activation, plus recording
  • Instant access to a masterclass on the 5 Human Design types
  • Instant access to a masterclass on the 6 Human Design frequencies
  • Understanding your type, authority, energy centers, and channels
  • Priceless and timeless insights about your life theme and destiny

In addition, receive these two stellar results, and so much more…


1. You will understand exactly how to make clean, clear and unapologetic decisions – a total game changer! Your world gets easy, peaceful and empowered when you know how to choose wisely.


2. You will understand exactly how you’re perceived by others, and how you perceive the world. Being able to settle into your true nature versus denying it is another huge game changer. Integrating your conscious and unconscious strengths and weaknesses, lets you be more whole and effective.

I look forward to seeing you on the zoom workshop, and I’ll talk to you real soon!


With love,
Sabine Messner
Founder of Soul Purpose Wealth and Human Design Soul Activator
P.S. Here’s what the SYF founders and participants have to say about Sabine’s Soul Activation…
Heather Sheree Titus and Marc Titus

Heather Sheree Titus and Marc Titus

Founders of the Sedona Yoga Festival

“Wow wow wow! Marc and I had our Human Design readings done by Sabine Messner. It has helped us incredibly with our relationship, personal and business, and increased our understanding 10-fold at least.”
Sufey Chen

Sufey Chen

Director of 200 & 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training

“It was truly a soul-shaking experience. I’m deeply grateful for it.”
Rebecca Sabine

Rebecca Sabine

Award Winning Violinist & Meditation Facilitator

“A Human Design reading with Sabine will help you to know yourself so much better, get a feeling of clarity about your place on this changing Earth, and really start to answer the universal question “Who Am I?”

“I am so happy that I decided to have a Human Design Soul Activation with Sabine Messner! I was new to Human Design and so to prepare for my reading, I watched the videos that Sabine provides. There you start to get a sense of her joyous nature and her love of her work. When we had our phone conversation, I felt like I was talking with a trusted friend. The kind of friend who understands you well and accepts you just the way you are. A friend who celebrates all the best in you but also supports you with your difficulties in a loving way.”

Sabine Messner

Sabine Messner is on a mission to show seemingly ordinary professionals as well as extraordinary luminaries how to be in business with their Soul’s purpose. Her new paradigm approach of Spiritual Entrepreneurship has liberated and empowered hundreds of lightworkers across the globe, lifting and shifting entire communities into higher levels of self-actualization.

Having always been a psychic, Sabine narrows in within seconds on what can take others lifetimes to grasp. Her deeply engaging and always trendsetting approach is said to be ‘pure medicine’ for people’s Souls, businesses as well as their bottom-lines. She is known to free people from the inside out, including showing them how they can create their own financial freedom by living their truth and fulfilling their purpose.

Blending her extensive studies with Andean and Tibetan healers and energy masters with 30+ years in hands-on experience as a trained visual artist, pioneering Wired Web Designer, Personal Brand Strategist, and Marketing-VIP-gone-renegade, Sabine translates people’s highest Soul ambitions into practical, thriving business expressions.

Sabine holds an M.A. in Visual Communication (Magna Cum Laude) from The Berlin University of the Arts. She is the founder and creator of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth™ and a professionally trained Human Design Consultant. She lives blissfully in Paradise Valley-Phoenix, Arizona with her Soul mate husband Leslie Finkel (the sponsor of the Healing Village!) and their galactic cat called Mokele.


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