When it comes to living your yoga, there’s no better way to sink your teeth into it than, well, sinking your teeth into it. Nourishing your body with natural, organic, and whole foods is not only a practice in ahimsa (non-harming) to your body, but to the Earth as well. The ChocolaTree is a Sedona mainstay restaurant, serving up wholesome goodness since 2008. Their unique “treehouse-like” vibe (replete with hammocks and shady enclaves) is the perfect backdrop to sink into some of the best natural foods you’ll find in the American West. And that’s to say nothing of their famous desserts and chocolate — the cacao is hand-harvest, each bean peeled individually on small cacao farms.

All are welcome at ChocolaTree, where we truly support our vision of clean air and pure water and pristine gardens for every child,” says gardener and ChocolaTree co-creator Radhika Jen Marie. “Everything on our menu is organic, and entirely homemade, and we do this because this earth and all of life is precious and sacred. It’s our duty to steward these precious elements of life that intern nurture and sustain us.”

Jen and all the ChocolaTree co creators want everyone who comes to the ChocolaTree to leave feeling not only nourished in body, but mind. “Our intention is that one feels inspired and nourished from their experience at ChocolaTree,” says Jen. She hopes that after enjoying a meal or snack at the eatery, visitors will spring forth with “renewed vigor, inspired by the nourishing healthy foods and connection with their authenticity.” They believe that healthy vibrant foods contribute to healthy vibrant lifestyles that bring forth positivity and nurturance in the world, and this belief is a guiding principle in all they offer at the restaurant.

This principle is in line with the true north principles of Sedona Yoga Festival, and with those of yoga in general. “Within the yogic foundation is a summoning fourth of truth, authenticity, presence and connection of one’s true nature,” says Jen. “This truth is sat chit ananda — existence knowledge and bliss absolute. At ChocolaTree our intention is to be a sanctuary that nurtures authenticity.” She hopes that an experience at the restaurant encourages folks to touch the silence, and taste the silence. “Your own true nature is silence,” says Jen.

If you’re visiting Sedona, this is one spot you definitely won’t want to miss. And for SYF attendees, the invitation is even sweeter: Join us at The ChocolaTree for a Friday night Kirtan, featuring a special elixir for attendees of SYF. “All are welcome for a night of connection with blissful chanting, at an elevated bhakti session,” says Jen. She’ll craft the elixir based on the energy of the evening, but it will be a complementary beverage intended to assist all in openhearted chanting, she says. 

We hope to see you there on Friday night, and that you take the time to experience this bliss-inducing restaurant for at least one other meal during your time in Sedona. Still looking for a ticket? Get yours today! https://bit.ly/SYF22Tix

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