SYF YOGI TRIBE, esteemed transformers, family, returning YOGIS and NEW FESTIVAL FRIENDS! 

You’re invited to attend the most magical event happening THIS MARCH 9th – 12th 2017 at the Collective Sedona!! As the SYF team watches the unveiling of everything SYF2017 is shaping up to be, we are utterly amazed at the magic and energies that are converging to create this incredible experience.

For 5 years running, SYF has proven to have a spirit all it’s own, and this year that spirit has blossomed into something far beyond any of the original dreams of Founder Marc Titus.

But first things first…Have you registered for your tickets yet? Booked your room accommodations? Scheduled your classes?  You can do it all at, don’t delay! 

“Are you joining us this year? Allow us to provide the sanctified space for you to rest… rejuvenate… recharge… learn… and grow. SYF2017 will provide the AWESOMESAUCE that you can dip into for the entire year! And let me assure you, it comes in a wide variety of flavors…have a look to see all of the amazing offerings at SYF2017!!!” – Marc Titus, Founder/Executive Producer

Unlike other Yoga events with enormous corporate budgets, this is a grassroots business, locally owned and operated, with a small family team that is constantly growing and changing in new and exciting, positive ways. They’ve been working hard on the 5th annual SYF event all year long, and are so honored to share with you the all new services, free community offerings, and all new open to the public, events, special performances and so much more…

“21 days from now, it will all be over… and that makes these moments now all the more special!  I have watched this consciousness evolution conference evolve for almost 8 years now…  from the spark of inspiration, felt deep in my bones to this years event shaping up to be the finest one yet!  The SYF Team have outdone themselves this year!  I never dreamed SYF could become what it has… sure, I saw it working out, but THIS!!!??? With only a few weeks left, (and counting) we wanted to share with you all of the new amazing things that will be taking place at this years event.” – Marc Titus, Founder/Executive Producer

Without further adieu, from the hearts and minds of Team SYF…

#HeartStorm at SYF2017

SYF Presents the physical manifestation of #heartstorm presenting the, ALL NEW SYF Vendor Village, Seva Stage, and Chill Out Lounge! Free and Open to the Public! Centrally located in between the Hilton and the Collective… All Vendors this year in one location with the beautiful backdrop of the Red Rocks, you’ll truly feel the pulse of the heart center you’re a part of.

What is Seva? (Selfless service or Seva in Sanskrit (Punjabi: ????) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society.)


This all new feature of the Vendor experience is free and open to the public. The Seva Stage will feature all day events, musical performances, DJS’s Kirtan and more.  Look for the stage in the Heart Center of SYF2017…

2. SYF Presents Chill Out Lounge and Re-Charging Station 

Between classes stop by to meditate, relax, center, ground, meet friends, and relax while enjoying free cell phone charging, free water, mat parking, shop the swag and so much more… The Chill Out Lounge is located across from the Seva Stage, and next to the SYF Store…  Be sure to try some of our fancy lemonade!  It will be sure to recharge, rejuvenate and restore.  Actual AwesomeSauce to hydrate and energize.  Find Bruce and Debra at the Yoga Bar and tell ’em Marc sent ya! 😉

3. SYF Store

Shop our amazing new branded merchandise in the all new SYF Store, the brand new SYF VORTEX CUP, SYF2017 Custom Malas, Aumbase Sedona Candles, Purium products, Journals, Meditation Cushions, Tee Shirts, Stickers and more… And if you can’t make it, the store will be open for online purchases during the festival! Just choose your shipping option and you, too can bring a little SYF to your home and community… (see live streaming below!)

4. Kids Yoga

ALL new free and open to the public kids yoga program! Enjoy Mandala painting, Goddess empowerment training, kids macro yoga, yoga play time and more! WE will provide release forms on site, no pre registration necessary – parents may bring their children anytime during the scheduled classes. Click here to learn more!

5.  Aumbase Adventures

Aumbase Sedona, a center for consciousness evolution, is the manifestation of Marc & Heather’s vision of Sedona as a yoga destination. Created by the team behind the Sedona Yoga Festival, Aumbase Sedona is now open year-round, featuring Guided Yoga Hikes, Sedona Experiences, Land & Hiking Tours, Yoga Retreats & Local Sedona Yoga Classes.  All things yoga in Sedona; your personal transformation awaits!  Home of Aumbase Sedona Adventures, we are your one-stop to awaken your yoga in Sedona. Want to learn more about the Vortexes? Book your yoga hike in Sedona with Aumbase Sedona today! We also  offer specialized and unique experiences such as Forest Bathing, Earth Spirit Wisdom… Stop by the the Aumbase Sedona booth to see what can be experienced in Sedona year-round!


7. SYF Presents Livestream

Vista Hall will be live streaming all weekend long- can’t attend a class?  Buy the live streaming package to watch all the fun things you may have missed and stay present the entire time! Buy now and enjoy our Pre festival pricing! Click here to see pricing. Marc and Heather have been working towards this since the first year and now, it is all coming together.  Some of SYF2017 best classes will be live-streamed and available for purchase as a digital conference.  If you can’t make it this year, this is the option for you!  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding this option.

8. Are you Local or within Driving distance?

Not sure if you can attend the entire festival? VISITORS who are HERE the weekend of the festival and those not able to attend the full festival….Come see what SYF has to offer without the full weekend commitment. No worries we got you…. Day passes and other options available here.

9. SYF Meal Plan

Never go hungry again… ever, with our fancy meal plan, courtesy of the Hilton (just kidding! 😉 you will be asanaing your butts off, so of course you will get hungry again that’s why we create the ALL MEALS PLAN… Pre-order yours now and save) Allow us to be your first choice for meals at SYF2017.  Enjoy a buffet style spread including steel cut oats, jams and toasts and pastries, granola, yogurt/ nut milks and fruit, juice, coffee, quiche and the like with some variety day to day. Traditional breakfast, vegan and vegetarian options, juices, coffees and more each morning with Breakfast Plan.

Lunch will also be buffet style… including soups, salads, wraps, juices and teas.  Pickup your lunch and enjoy the panel discussions happening on the patio!

BREAKFAST HOURS: 7-8 AM   LUNCH HOURS: 12-2PM  Location: Hilton Pre-Function Hallway (Outside Canyon Ballrooms)

BIG THANKS to Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock Chef Chris Knightly for putting together this wonderful experience for you! Thank you and Namaste!

We have been present throughout this evolution and the one constant is this… YOU.  You are willing, ready, able… You want to transform, create inner peace, help others… YOU ARE THE INSPIRATION!  You show up… You live fully… You are heart-centered… and You, along with those you will see around you, are the counterpose to what ills the world today.

Allow us to provide the sanctified space for you to rest… rejuvenate… recharge… learn… and grow.  SYF2017 will provide the AWESOMESAUCE that you can dip into for the entire year!

10. PRE/POST Conferences.

There are some great offerings here… check em out if you want to extend your SYF2017 experience.



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