SYF2023 Presenters: Authenticity and a commitment to Consciousness Evolution

sedona yoga festival presenter Laura Sykora in Sedona Landscape featuring Cathedral Rock. Photo by Robert Sturman

The SYF2023 Programming Team is proud to be bringing together a presenter roster so that you may explore all the facets of your practice and go deep. From celebrated senior teachers to inspired professionals doing the day-to-day work of bringing yoga into the world, SYF takes pride in finding amazing teachers that are not always drawn to the festival circuit and curating a program unlike any other, where each attendee may plan their four-day experience from the 150+ offerings available on the schedule. Class descriptions and schedule coming soon. Check out pre and post Immersions and extend your journey!

Welcome to the 2023 Sedona Yoga Festival!

The schedule will be done any day now and it is one of the best ones yet! Please register for your pass now to be among the first to choose from the extraordinary program for 2023. You will receive an email when tickets synchronize. We cannot wait to see you! 

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