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And the Afterglow Continues from SYF…

And the Afterglow Continues from SYF... Are you still on a yoga high from the Sedona Yoga Festival?!? We are for sure! It was an experience-packed weekend with lots of great breakout sessions, instructional yoga sessions, quality vendors and positive energy and more!...

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SYF2019 Healing Village

Marc and I envisioned a white tent village where first responders can come to heal themselves, to get out of the fight and fight response with more than just a pat on the back and a thank you. Let’s help them to breathe more easily. To laugh freely and to find a community that shows them first hand that we care about them. And we made it happen.

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Powerful Healing With Smiling Energy

Powerful Healing With Smiling Energy "The more positive you think about your body, the more love you give yourself, the easier it will be for you to become healthier." I was in Tucson giving Unstoppable Healing sessions this past week and one of my clients suffers...

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Vedic Astrology for The Weekend of SYF2019

Vedic Astrology for The Weekend of SYF2019 by Sam Geppi On the weekend of March 14 Mercury and the sun will cross at the junction point between Aquarius and Pisces. This is where we see our social self releasing into our cosmic self. For many of us that means our...

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3 Tools for Easing Life with Trauma – Today

For a wealth of ideas, research, and direct experience with effective practice, please join me and my friends and colleagues March 14 – 17 at the Sedona Yoga Festival, Yoga for PTSD Training. I can’t wait to learn, teach, and commune with you!

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Sedona Yoga Festival & Zero Waste

SEDONA YOGA FESTIVAL & ZERO WASTE We are beyond excited to have you join us for the 7th year of the Sedona Yoga Festival amidst the majestic lands of Sedona, Arizona! World-class presenters, workshops and artists are key elements in making this an unforgettable,...

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2019: A Year Without Waste

2019: A Year Without Waste As our year moves ever-onward, many of us carry with us our resolutions and goals to make this the best year yet. We at Sedona Yoga Festival are excited to share one of our many intentions for making this the best-ever SYF. As Yogis, we are...

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Every Soul Has a Journey. What’s Yours?

Every Soul Has a Journey. What’s Yours? SoulJour is the result of a lifetime of seeking. It is the intersection of many worlds: yoga & meditation + outdoor mountain adventure + international travel + rock ‘n’ roll + design + sustainability. Short for Soul Journey,...

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ClimateYogi: Awareness + Action

ClimateYogi: Awareness + Action In the Bhagavad Gita, written long ago in a much different culture, the warrior Arjuna finds himself in a situation that he doesn’t want to be in, but cannot avoid. A great battle is about to begin, and is sure to result in great...

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Yoga for PTSD Training and Healing Village at SYF2019

Yoga for PTSD Training, a Trauma-Informed Yoga training for everyone Are you or someone you know living with PTSD?  Do you work or want to work with this population? Are you interested in trauma-aware tools, techniques & practices with proven efficacy in managing...

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Keep calm and do some Yoga

In a world of extremes, it is high time for a mindful time-out. How Yoga & Meditation reduces stress in the body. The current state of affairs in our country is such that the population is constantly bombarded with stress-inducing stimuli, from the harried...

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Zen Living in Mystical Sedona

Photo By: Dexx Creative Imagery Dear Yogis and Yoginis, Most Yoga Festival attendees sense the sublime energy and beauty of Sedona and many express an interest in having a home in this truly inspiring place. We are profoundly honored to have been asked by Heather and...

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Meditation: Pressing the Reset Button

Meditation: Pressing the Reset Button by Rebecca Sabine What’s the first thing you are told to do if electronics don’t work? Unplug it and plug it back in! Here are some “do-it-yourself tips” that will get your energies flowing in a positive direction and make your...

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Monumental Moments

Photo By: Dexx Creative Imagery Monumental Moments. Be brave enough to break. It’ll set you free. Some of the most monumental moments in our lives are the most difficult ones. The ones that break us open. The ones that throw us in a pit of despair. The ones that leave...

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Yoga for PTSD at Sedona Yoga Festival

Photo by Miguel Guzman at Sedona Yoga Festival's "Yoga for PTSD" By Erin Byron I am pumped about the Yoga for PTSD track at Sedona Yoga Festival. That may be a weird thing to say because, let’s face it, trauma/PTSD is a difficult subject. The SYF approach to the topic...

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WHAT CAN I DO by Rama Jyoti Vernon

Introducing the new "State of the Union" blog series where yogis discuss how to approach the circumstances of our world from a yogic perspective.  WHAT CAN I DO Rama Jyoti Vernon shared with permission from: by Alumni presenter and lifetime...

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Waking Matters

by Denese Cavanaugh Ever notice how pets stretch upon waking? And, remember when our basic instinct was to stretch - reaching for the sky with extended arms, along with a big yawn before getting out of bed? The natural instinct to stretch seems to take a turn as...

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