Pre and Post Conference Immersions

Pranayama with Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Pranayama is one of the key practices within the Yoga discipline. In addition to Asanas and Meditation, Pranayama is gaining increasing importance in the Western world. The availability of ancient literature and modern scientific evidence is sparse on this subtopic of Yoga. Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian is a pioneer in the area of salivary biomarkers combining Pranayama practice. He has been researching techniques related to Pranayama from the ancient and unique Siddha tradition. He has published scientific research papers and book on Thirumanthiram, written by Saint Thirumoolar. This workshop consisting of both theoretical and practical components is unique in combining ancient wisdom with modern science based on his first hand research. 

The attendees will be able to 

Get acquainted with the ancient literary excerpts on Pranayama. 

Get to practice key exercises from both the Pranayama tradition and new exercises designed by Dr. Sundar. 

Understand the biological mechanisms of Pranayama.                      

Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian is a Cell Biology researcher currently studying cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in resistance to cancer therapy at the Medical University of South Carolina, USA. He is also a Yoga Biology researcher, and is the Founder/Director of PranaScience Institute. Sundar’s Yoga research has provided scientific evidence how Yoga breathing practices could promote wellbeing in health and disease. His first book is “PranaScience: Decoding Yoga Breathing”, and his latest book is “Mind Your Breathing: The Yogi’s Handbook with 37 Pranayama Exercises”. His recent audio album is “Chanting Is Pranayama”. He was a speaker at TEDx Charleston 2015, and his video is among the most popular in the field (~600,000 views). This JC Bose Memorial Awardee’s work is well publicized through Discover magazine, New York Times, Huffington Post, and other popular media.   


Prana ~ The Secret of Life, Health & Longevity with Saul David Ray

Thursday, June 2, 2022 | 10:00am – 3:30pm

Prana ~ The Secret of Life, Health & Longevity
Working with the 5 elements for Healing, Awakening and Rejuvenation

Join renowned teacher Saul David Raye for this inspiring full day immersion on the sacred land of Sedona.

A full 5 hour immersion into Prana Vidya the underlying science of yoga and a deepening of your practice and experience.

There is no concept more central to Yoga and life than Prana (life force). It is present within all living things and is the key to health, longevity and balance. According to ancient yogic teachings, Mother Prana is a living intelligence that is both the inner teacher and the gateway to the Soul. This immersion will share teachings and practices to support you in awakening and strengthening the flow of Prana within, developing intuition and cultivating a deeper, richer energetic experience within your practice.

Class will include:
• Full day of Practice and teachings with Saul in the beauty of Sedona
• Yogic Teachings on Prana the Mother of Life
• Working directly with the 5 elements
• Practices to deepen your yoga practice
• Breathwork Practice
• Full Practice in the morning with asana, breathwork, chanting and meditation
• Pranic Meditations
• Healing Chants Mantras for healing and the 5 elements
• Practices for tapping into the flow of Universal Energy
• Practices for working directly with earth and the 5 elements
• Deep Relaxation
• Time out in nature

All levels welcome

Please bring a lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, hat and appropriate layers.
Also a yoga mat, any props you need, a journal and pen.


Open Your Heart: A Bhakti Yoga and Creativity Immersion with Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band

Monday June 6th, 10:00am-5:30pm

Sing your heart out, rekindle your soul, awaken the gods and goddesses within you, tap into your inner poet, dance like a child, find the pulse of your inner rhythm, bathe in the mystical beauty of Sedona, and rejoice in the awakening of your own unique voice and creativity. 

This daylong immersion is for anyone who wants to humbly steep in bhakti – the yoga of the heart – for yogis seeking to deepen their practice, and for yoga teachers yearning for inspiration through the folk arts of bhakti.
Seán and the band will create a deep, playful, brave space for you to:

• Tune your being with singing meditation, kirtan chanting, song, and all-levels live music vinyasa yoga practice that invites you to move from your heart and imagination

• Explore your own life story more deeply through interactive storytelling, mythology, coloring, and journaling

• Spark a romance with life itself and explore the love poetry of the Bhakti tradition

The immersion will be accompanied by the live grooves of The Wild Lotus Band, featuring guitar and bass player Alvin Young, percussionist and vocalist Gwendolyn Colman, and drummer Narada Wise.
Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or pillow to sit on, any props you wish, journal, and box of crayons and/or markers. 
Please also bring lunch for a mid-day lunch break, snacks, water, sunscreen, hat and appropriate layers.

Yoga Alliance CEU’s available.

Wisdom Warriors™?: If You Build It, They Will Come" with Desiree Rumbaugh

Monday June 6th, 11:00am – 2:00pm

Wisdom Warriors™?: If You Build It, They Will Come. The second half of life is a time when many people finally begin to have the time to devote to their practice. Even if they are seasoned practitioners, the inevitable changes in the body can make this journey seem more and more problematic. This immersion will give people tools they can use in their practice and/or teaching to build or re-build their strength and stamina at mid-life and beyond.

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