7 Reasons to Get Your Asana to Sedona: Important Conversations are Happening

As an engine of collective evolution, yoga connects the individual to the universal, helping to channel millions of tiny wavelets into a tsunami of undeniable power and possibility. This year, it’s more important than ever to create space for the important conversations—and that’s exactly what we’re doing with our NEW State of the Union sessions.

These groundbreaking talks are designed to give voice to important issues facing the conscious community today—including how we, as American yogis, show up in our culture and in the world. From yoga’s grand dames to vanguard teachers from all over the world, this is your chance to meld with the conscious community’s most important minds.

Selected Panels

Public Profile, Personal Practice: How Do We Share?

Hemalayaa, Emily McBurnie, Gordon Ogden, Robert Sturman + Marc Titus

Grand Dames of Yoga: Conversation with Rama + Tao

Tao Porchon-Lynch, Rama Jyoti Vernon + Valerie Romanoff

What is Women’s Empowerment?

Hemalayaa, Molly Birkholm, Dana Damara + Kimberly Pridemore

Yogis Behaving Badly: Yamas + Niyamas for the Billion-Dollar Yoga Business

Brook Boon + Silfia Mordinia

Regulations, Ethics + Standards in the Industry

Danni Pomplun, Bonnie Ringer + Andrew Tanner

Who’s My Guru? Pointing to the Teacher Within

Pete Sanders, Jr., Peter Sterios + Rama Jyoti Vernon

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