Amara Resort and Spa
Amara Resort and Spa

We are proud to work with many sensational Sedona venues and after taking the final walk-throughs and measurements, we couldn’t help but share the exquisite beauty that honors Sedona in all of her glory. Each location holds an incredible space for transformation, growth, imagination, exploration and creativity.

Come take a look with us and plan your SYF2014 Transformation!!

Salt water hot tub burrowed in the salt water infinity pool nestled cozily above the creek at Amara Resort and Spa. Here you can catch Pamela Quinn’s Ayurvedic workshops, Barbara Matsura’s Qigong’s Ba Duan Jin classes, and Robert Sturman’s Yoga Photography classes.




Heather admiring one of John's many phenomenal bronze sculptures that highlight the  Sedona Creative Life Center.
Heather admiring one of John’s many phenomenal bronze sculptures that highlight the Sedona Creative Life Center.




Sedona Creative Life Center. Dedicated to creativity, fulfillment, growth and coming together in a diverse spiritual community for personal spiritual advancement, the Creative Life Center offers magical views of Sedona, beautiful spaces to gather and lifting rooms for learning. Home of our Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veteran’s 2-day Intensive Training for Yoga Teachers,  You’ll get to enjoy a healing meditative sonic journey on  Saturday evening with East Forest from 7pm-10pm. Mark Whitwell presents Sunday morning as we move into Sarah McLean’s Meditation Gathering for World Peace at 1pm.







7 Centers Yoga


Start your mornings off right at 7 Centers Yoga Arts. Each morning there will be a Morning Sunrise Agni Hotra and Meditation at 7am with Ruth Hartung.  There are many fulfilling classes here, Shelly Prosko’s  “Happy Hearts Healthy Backs”, Liz Tucker’s “Bhavana in Motion” and Julia Mick’s “Biology of Ecstasy”. Sunday sit with Rama Jyoti Vernon for the World Peace Meditation at 1pm as Sarah McLean leads the broadcast Live to the World!







SYF 2014 Staff hard at work visualizing the magic and music that will unfold at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Space. Starting Friday off, we have Barbara Matsuura’s “Sheng Zhen Gong, Unconditional Love Practice”, Saturday Stephanie Colletti gets our chakras dancing in her, “A SOULful , Whole-Being Healing Experience” and Sunday, Ana Brett and Ravi Singh encourages us to balance those crucial “glandular go-getters” in their, “Happy Hormones: Kundanlini Yoga” class with live gong music!





Agave's Terrace
Agave’s Terrace

Agave of Sedona is walking distance from our thriving Heart Center Vendor Village and home to one of the most breath-taking views here in West Sedona. Himalayan Institute’s Luke Ketterhagen will be teaching his class, “Agni Sara, The Master Practice”  here, where you are sure to become the energy, light and transformative qualities of fire in this strengthening class. Finishing Friday off,  Marguerite Baca will have us laughing, dancing with Outlaw Yoga and spinning fire with SYF’s Artistic Director, Matthew Hunsaker and tribe! This is where I’ll be Friday night, for sure!!


That’s just a few venues for now! Stay tuned for more visually stimulating captures that will be caught by our team of photographers and active participants!




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