An Ode to the Practice

by SYF2023 presenter Rani Chaves

The path of yoga is to live yoga and not just “do” yoga.
It is to move into each day as a living meditation.
Not defined by our body, titles, responsibilities or labels.
Nor defined by what others think or say.
Embodying all that we are fully and living unapologetically, boldly, fiercelessly and fearlessly.
Not defined by our identity or where we are born… because we are infinite.
We dance with the whole and we are part of the whole.
There is no separation.
So we drop into the flow and we fly.
We drop the chatter of the mind, all the useless noise and we embrace infinity, presence, love and joy.
Life is not meant to be a burden. Challenges are lessons, lessons are gifts.
We shake it all, we wake up.
Surely, it is a journey, of patience, of commitment, of compassion and love, of taking constant evolutionary action…
A step and a choice at a time.
How do we want this life to be
Sit in a waiting room, live in a blur, with no fire in our belly nor joy in our heart
Or be an expression of all that we are, of our nature, our essence
We embrace our imperfections, we befriend our shadows and we dance, we dance with it all!
All that we are!
Because in the end all that will matter is how we lived and loved.
We learn, we grow, we embody it all.
Engrained in our cells, our nervous system and our heart, all that we are!
Infinite, beautiful, loving.
Words without actions remain pretty concepts. Repeated inspired actions create transformation and change.
Live and lead by example. Strong roots and spine, like a tree… soft heart, like the touch of a feather, loving gaze, like the one of divine grace.
Live it! Be it!
Nothing else is required.
Living our humanity with love and joy is all that is asked from us…
So let’s embrace our infinity! All that we are! No one can do it for you!
It is your path, your journey… yes yours!!!
Make it the most exceptional, beautiful one.
Because every story matters.
Stand proud, live, BE
You are the Star of your Life.

Join Rani in person at SYF April 27–30! Passes are available here. Read on for more about Rani and her offerings!

My name is Rani. I was born and raised in Tahiti. Rani means the sky and the heavens in Polynesian… And have this life given me the opportunity to fly and fly and explore! It led me to incredible places and I was blessed to live in a few different countries. After years working in the hospitality industry, exhaustion pushed me to press the reset button and start anew. I resigned from a high-paid job to embrace a path of self-mastery and evolution. Essence-seeker, nature lover, curious heart, self-love and self-realization curator, I live and share yoga with the mighty mission to lead beings who feel called to back to their power and living a more conscious and harmonious life.

The quest I undertook a few years back led me to reconnecting with who I am. Spending time in India, learning about the timeless Vedic scriptures and all the teachings they hold took me to a place that seemed familiar. And it seemed familiar because it reminded me of hOMe. There are encounters that leave a deep imprint on your heart, that inspire you to learn, explore, grow and reconnect with forgotten stories, wounds, and ultimately your roots. I believe that changing the world starts with oneself and understanding who we are and where we come from.

I was trained and initiated to the powerful teachings of Himalayan Kundalini and Kriya Yoga at the Sattva Yoga Academy, founded by Evolutionary Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra. A unique and potent blend of asanas (movement medecine), pranayama (breath mastery), Himalayan kundalini kriyas (from the tantric tradition), naad (understanding and use of sound as a tool for transformation and healing), meditation (different techniques), freedom movement, these modalities allow to create space for liberation, healing and expansion.

In one of the Polynesian’s dialect, Ipu?ni means the matrix or container holding the heavens, the divine realms and the infinite light. Leading from the heart, I invite you to ride the wave of ancestral wisdom and practices and find your way hOMe to wholeness and sacredness. A Sattva Master Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda coach, each inner journey, program and retreat I offer through Ipuani Yoga & Lifestyle is a dance between the profound yoga teachings and rituals from my indigenous roots.

Together, let’s ignite the fire of transformation, the light of compassion, pure love and joy within. Inhale… Exhale… Inhale and merge… Exhale and emerge. Emerge to imagine… Imagine and soar.

Looking forward to meeting you!
In love and gratitude,



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