Are You Feeling Disconnected or Uninspired?

Tap into a natural source of energy to increase your vitality and aliveness.

By Amalia Camateros

After the myriad of programs, processes, workshops and trainings that I have taken throughout the years, I have come to realize that keeping it real and simple is what works best for myself and my clients.  Whittling down the complexity and taking a look at what simply works!

In the busyness of the daily grind, we have become stuck in the entanglements of our mind and forgotten to observe the pure and natural way of being. To let go and drop our tension and let it rest in peace in the soil of the Earth.

Just like a seed that needs to be planted in the ground, in order to begin its journey towards the sky. We too, need to drop in and down from the craze of our mind, into something deeper, sustainable and reliable.  Into our bodies and into the Earth, before we reach our goals in greatest standing.
Earth is a powerpoint that we can tap into freely, not through drilling, plundering and exploiting, but by CONNECTING IN. Mother Earth is the source of simple, pure and natural energy, providing as mothers do, the provision of food, medicine, love and spiritual sustenance. We need to connect into this powerpoint, not to survive but to thrive!

Think of an appliance on the kitchen bench, it sits there ready to be used but unless it is plugged into the powerpoint, it cannot be activated, or used for what it’s function was designed to do….The same applies to us, unless we are plugged into the powerpoint of the Earth, we are not fully activated and connected to the fullness of our greatest purpose and potential.

In keeping it simple, a tree plunges its roots deep into the ground, stabilizes itself and draws nourishment from the abundant life force energy of Mother Earth. It then pulls this energy all the way up to the tops of its branches. We are like human trees, we have roots and branches too!  Our roots flow down our legs to connect to the Earth and our arms reach up towards the heavens.

Photo By: Dexx Negron
As we drop in and down from our heads and plant our roots into the ground like a tree, we too become strong, secure and stable.
A tree with deep roots can withstand strong winds, and gales and remains upright after a storm. As we too root ourselves into something greater than our own busy minds and into something grounded, stable and secure as the Earth, we too can deal with the spin and craziness of the world around us and remain centered, grounded and present.

Being centered, we stand between Earth and of Sky, so that we can invite the light of Spirit Force and of the Cosmos in through our branches, through our trunks and into each step along our path. We can also center ourselves between the dualities of our mind, from the tug of war between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad and all opposites that exist within us.

In our groundedness we can connect with our greater body, with that of Mother Earth and draw from a source of energy that is sustainable and secure so that we remain upright in any given situation.

By being present we become watchful and able to fully respond to life’s demands and experiences. To know where we stand in order to know where we are going, so that we can connect more with our true soul’s purpose.

In the simple truth as Mother Nature intends, let us put our roots down, our branches up high and stand, centered, grounded and present as a tree.

“For the Deeper the Roots, the Grander the Flowering!”

Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros, author of Spirit of the Stones, is a Ceremonialist, International Teacher & Speaker, Shamanic Practitioner and Personal Empowerment and Transformational guide, who inspires us to get embodied and centered within our beings and to reconnect with the Earth as a sacred temple of Living Spirit. She is a Naturopathic Doctor (Aust.), who has worked in the field of health and consciousness for over 26 years and was the private health practitioner for the famous Australian rodk band “INXS” for over 6 years. She has garnered a notable reputation as a powerful facilitator of her EarthSpirit Dance™ shamanic dance workshops and Co-Creator of Ecstatic Dance Sedona.
Along with her own healing practice called Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing, she also is a counselor at Sanctuary of Sedona- A Shamanic Based Addiction Recovery Retreat Center.
A service of her mastery is to get you back on track, reawaken your Spirit and embody the wisdom of the Earth into your full potential of self.

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