Ayurveda and Quantum Physics: An Unexpected Pairing for Personal and Social Transformation

by Jill Robinson

Ayurveda and quantum physics might seem a strange pairing when applied to Yoga philosophy. Although these two frameworks might feel miles apart, they both speak to the importance of awakening to our interconnectedness, within our mind, body and spirit and the larger Oneness of the Cosmos.

Yoga practitioners have long known the vital link between the health of our inner and outer worlds, but only recently has Western science been able to prove our Oneness as fundamental to our universe. The implications of this merging of science and spirit are extraordinary in how we can show up as practitioners and world changers.

It’s why we’re thrilled to have Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath, “Dr. J”, from Kerala Ayurveda and Emanuel Kuntzelman, founding steward of the Holomovement, presenting on this topic together during the Sedona Yoga Festival this March. The language used within Ayurveda and quantum physics might differ, but they are ultimately two paths leading toward wholeness.

Interconnectedness at the Quantum Level

American physicist David Bohm, a contemporary of Einstein, believed there is an Implicate Order, which is the source of consciousness and the field holding the infinite potential of the universe. The Implicate Order expands and grows into the Explicate Order as manifest reality. Holding these two inner and outer spaces together is what Bohm defined as the ‘holomovement.’

This theory offers an explanation of how we can all be ‘one’ despite what appears to be a reality of separate beings. For Emanuel, reading Bohm’s book Wholeness and the Implicate Order was a lightbulb moment.

“I was first introduced to David Bohm back in 1984,” says Emanuel. “As I read that book, I found the term ‘holomovement,’ and for me it was the most beautiful concept I had come across in describing the oneness of consciousness. What’s more, it’s a great term, a single word describing a movement of wholeness. What could be better?”

Bohm’s theory of quantum mechanics, proposed back in 1951, has now been vindicated by the Nobel prize in physics of 2022. The award establishes non-locality, which Bohmian mechanics requires, as a “fundamental feature of the universe.” It further validates this concept of universal Oneness, bridging ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science and offers a sociological model for uniting humanity in our many pathways toward higher consciousness.

It was a defining moment for Emanuel in the importance of a social movement awakening us to our interconnectedness, guided by science and spirituality. It is imperative that the Holomovement (with a capital ‘H’), must also have a theory of change that is nourished by deep connection, compassion and purpose.

Health and Harmony Starts Within

Understanding the interconnectedness of the very building blocks of our universe is just the start, but how does this apply to our personal yoga practice and Ayurveda? At its most expansive, Yoga is “a practice of unity, an exploration of what it means to link body and breath, thoughts and movements, stillness and evolution.”

This philosophy guides us toward the integral health of mind, body and spirit. The Yoga Sutras offer wisdom for a way of living that is purposeful and mindful of our interconnectedness within our own selves that deeply affects our communities and our human family.

Ayurveda, (a Sanskrit word that means “science of life” or “knowledge of life”) is one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems that has long understood the necessity of holistic health. Understanding the doshas, diet essentials and daily routines of Ayurveda provides practical tools to personalize your practice and enhance the transformative power of our Yoga practice.

At the heart of this ancient healing system is understanding our cellular interconnectedness and what it means to be one cell of the interconnected whole. Like the holomovement’s unbounded wholeness, Ayurveda is a practice of interconnectedness.

“The very definition of life in Ayurveda is that nature flows through you without interruption,” says Dr. J. “You are always in relationship with everything — including fellow human beings, animals, birds, plants, nature. Your sustenance is based on an in-sync relationship with nature and its rhythms.”

Learn more about creating harmony from the inside out during the Sedona Yoga Festival! Dr. J and Emanuel will be on a panel in conversation on the similarities of Ayurveda and the Holomovement, and how they are powerful resources in personal and social transformation. Be sure to reserve your Pass before the schedule goes live to not miss a beat! Tickets available here



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