The Power of Functional Movement & Partner Yoga

by SYF2023 presenter Cheryl “Cherlita” Brenman

Partner Yoga is a joyful blissful way to do yoga! It helps us to develop our communication skills, stretch in deeper ways by using the leverage of our partner, and have fun. Utilizing our all the skills and tools we learn in yoga: breath, alignment, surrender and non effort, it slows us to find our inner child and have fun. It is different than Acro yoga, as yogis of all ages and skill can do it and receive the benefits without strain. It is one of my favorite type of yoga classes to do and teach Join me in a light hearted and fun, yet deep class at the festival this year that is guaranteed to leave you feeling blissed and smiling.

Functional Movement is just what the name implies, “movement for life”. As we go through life, our range of motion, ROM, often gets compromised from injury or just lack of movement. Our jobs are often sedentary and and movement becomes habitual and repetitive. Our posture becomes contracted or over extended due to bad habits, creating the sensation of pain and lower energy levels. This movement series, which I have been practicing since 1995, is an antidote to these problems. It takes all joints through their range of motion with no strain. It is suitable for all ages, but particularly valuable for those of us 50+. The restorative and therapeutic and preventative qualities of this work have kept me limber and flexible into my seventies!

Support movement for life — both in partners and not — by joining Cheryl at SYF2023 this April! Learn in-person just how incredible partner yoga can be, and set up a practice to sustain you as the years past. Passes available now!

functional movement 2



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