My experience in Sedona was mountain top material, making even the mundane more meaningful with afterglow. I’ve been basking in it. Today I got up at 5:00am and walked two miles in a windstorm with one word on my mind: Elevate. Amidst the hefty collection of collective insight, this was by far my greatest take away. It was my personal epiphany.

I will elevate by overcoming the obstacles that restrict the fullest expression of personal potential. I’ve been afraid to shine for quite some time, deceived and trapped by the ego mind, crippled by concern and foolish considerations. Sedona blew the doors of my heart off the hinges, unleashing a flood of passion, purpose, and appreciation for life… I left feeling fully STOKED, intending to ELEVATE myself and others, my soul lifted and lit up by the light of infinity, gripped in the expression of infinite connection. Changed. Charged. Champion style.

Tapping into that reflection makes my heart soar right here, right now. Big smile on the inside. No doubt SYF 2017 facilitated the kind of experience that resonates for a lifetime. I want to express my gratitude to you and the crew for making it all possible, and THANK YOU seems short of sufficient, so here’s a poetic expression of my appreciation:

Synchronistic energies,

Dancing lights in symphony,

Entrancing depth infinity,

Connecting each of us to we;

Passing smiles, friendly face,

Every point in time and space,

Chance and choice we must embrace,

To make the world a better place;

Let’s elevate the light of soul,

Shine our love and rock and roll,

Help awareness know it’s role,

Enriching lives and living full;

Once again big thanks I send,

May peace abound around the bend,

With love and joy till journey’s end,

Happy trails to you my friend!

~Peace. Luke

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