by SYF2015 Presenter Alicia Valentyn, RYT LMT


AliciaWhat’s the Best Way to Connect to the Present Moment?

I connect to the Present Moment by way of my Breath.

In yoga the Breath is known as Prana.

Take a Moment now and Notice Your Breath.
Notice the Quality, Rate and State of your Breath.

Is Your Breath Relaxed, Smooth and Free from Tension?

Notice the thoughts on your Mind.  Is there much self talk and are you asking yourself alot of ‘What If’s’ or ‘Why’ questions?

If you are asking yourself  ‘What If” this happens or that happens; then you may be living in an Anxious State of Mind. Living in the future.  Anxienty can mask your breath.

If you are noticing more of a tendency to ask your self, ‘Why’ did this happened to me; then you may be living in a Depressed State of Mind. Living in the past.  Depression can mask your breath too.

To Feel your utmost very best try now to Connect to the Present Moment by way of your Breath.

Your Breath will guide you to the Present Moment.  Knowing that the ‘Present Moment’ is your only guarantee in life makes it alot easier to find a connection to the Breath/Prana/Life Force Energy.

Relax Now with yourself.

Try a very Simple Pranayama… read more on Alicia’s Blog



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